Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend Recap & A Winner!

This weekend was exciting because Andrew was back from a week long work conference in Orlando.
The fur babies and I had a great week relaxing but we missed him!
So here is a look at our weekend

Cooper was enjoying having Andrew back. He was in full protection mode while Andrew was gone and at any noise he was up and investigating. So he was in need of a good nap!

This is 1.5 weeks into my DIY Gel Manicure. 
I am really impressed. At this point its starting to grow out so that is when I start picking the polish off.
I will do a full review of the kit I have later this week!

Snow in Raleigh! I was very excited to see flurries of white falling from the sky but I was really sad when none of it stuck! My poor pups wanted to play!

My outfit for dinner Saturday night. It was our belated Valentines Dinner. 
We don't like the crowds!

On Sunday we went to Mexican for dinner with out small group from church.
After we walked to the shop next to it to get dessert from the Mexican bakery.
Warm up the pastries and serve it with dessert and its so good!

Also the winner of the Sin<less cocktails giveaway is Marianna Dunn!
Congrats. Email me and I will set you up with your free cocktails!!

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  1. ooh those mexican pastries look so good! and i have been going back and forth on a gel manicure but if it lasts then sign me up!