Friday, August 31, 2012

Are you ready for some football...

College football that is...
Today is the beginning of the college football season and NC State is in a kickoff game!
Its so exciting!!
Andrew and his friends made their way down this morning to watch the game and I am so jealous!
I would love to be there but its boys weekend.
They are starting their boys weekend at the game and will be spending the next few days in Charleston.

But I will be spending labor day weekend with my family in Charlotte and the wolfpacks newest fan
Ava Gray!

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pinterest Recipe Review

At our house we are always looking for new recipes to try.
I am constantly watching cooking shows, buying cookbooks, checking out new cooking blogs, and my newest source pinterest
So click on the pictures if you want the recipe!

So I found 3 recipes that I thought would be worth a try and I am going to share them with you

Ranch Chicken Pork chops

These were not as delicious as I expected and was disappointed.
However the garlic Parmesan Mashed Potatoes were delicious!!

Chicken Tandoori Burgers

These were delicious! I am not the biggest burger fan because of all the fat but these were so lean and all the spices gave them an amazing flavor without having to add a bunch of extras.
The yogurt sauce and cucumbers gave it a nice cooling flavor with a little crunch
We will definitely eat these again

Broccoli and Cheese Brown Rice
I love these but buying them in the premade box is asking for alot of calories, sodium, cholesterol and preservatives. So when I found this recipe online that was made using your own bechamel sauce and baked in the oven I couldn't wait to try it

And it was delicious and took like 15 minutes to make! So creamy and I added a little more broccoli then it asked for to get some extra veggies! Andrew loved it and it will be added to our meal rotation!

So if you try any of these recipies let me know! Hoepfully your family will love it!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pretty Little prediction!

Yes, I am addicted
My younger sister has all the books and when I started watching the show I began reading the books at the same time.
However I never read ahead!
I knew last night when the first scene was played that Caleb got hurt!

However I figured from the beginning that Nate was not all he seemed but never thought he would hurt Emily!
I also can't believe Mona broke out of the loony bin to help with the plan!
I have some suspension about Meredith and Ezera as well
My final shocked was TOBY!!!
I have grown to like him so much.
Part of me thinks he is A's helper to protect Spencer and in the end he is going to get hurt but maybe that is me being optimistic!
I can't wait for the shower to start back in October!!!

How about you, are you a fan? IF so what is your prediction in what will happen?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fall Bucket List

So as the weather is changing I ( as well as the rest of the world) is beginning to feel the fall itch
I love summer but fall brings a southern girls favorite things
So here is my bucket list

1.  North Carolina State Football and Tailgating
It isn't fall without college football, cookouts and tailgating

2. The North Carolina State Fair
I love the fair. The first time I came to Raleigh to see Andrew in college he took me to the state fair. 7 years later and we haven't missed one! 

3. Apple picking
I love apple picking! After a successful trip there is apple butter, apple cider and apple pie cooking in the Tucker house!

4. North Carolina Zoo
I love the zoo and always feel like fall is the best time! The cool weather, leaves changing and amazing animals is a perfect weekend day date!

5. Corn Maze/ Pumpkin Patch
Andrew and I do this every year. Its so much fun and it is a team building activity! Then we can pick pumpkins, go home and carve and roast pumpkin seeds!

6. Halloween
In college I frequented the Hillsborough hike for Halloween but this year I guess I have to be more grown up about my Halloween decisions :(
However I love any holiday about dressing up and candy :)

7. Thanksgiving
I love Thanksgiving. Our families spend the holiday together and it is such a great time! I also love the following movies that come on when the holidays start 

While I am not as bad as the lady I pictured below, my family does map out a game plan and we are there at 3am. It is a tradition!

So what are you looking forward to most about the fall??

Monday, August 27, 2012

Dear Sister, I can't believe it

As most of you know today is the first day of the traditional school year
and my sister Cassandra is finally a senior in high school
I can't believe it

I am so excited for her because I know she is excited and ready for college
(and I miss college so I may live through her a little haha)
but I am praying and thinking about her everyday
because she is about to make some of the most important decisions of her life
Where is she going to go to college?
What is she going major in?
What type of friends will she make?
Will she make smart choices?

And these seem like easy decision cause 18 year olds make them everyday but they effect your whole life!

So Cass, enjoy your year because next year you'll be in college and then you'll miss how easy it was in high school. 
love you :)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Dear Mr. Weatherman

Dear Mr. Weatherman,
I know as part of your job if your wrong its not a big deal since your not God and don't create the weather butttt...
You are killing my hopes and I am tired of it.
It has rained literally everyday and all week you promised me 85 degree weather, sunny skies and no rain
I was so happy and couldn't wait till Friday to actually enjoy the first day of my track out at the pool

Well I woke up this morning, its 11:30 and here is what I see

I am not impressed! It looks like rain is in my future and no sunny skies but tomorrow you are promising me 80 degrees and party cloudy skies with no chance of rain. So hopefully you are just making me save all my pool energy for tomorrow when I can spend it with my husband and friends that are coming over.
P.S. my friend has a 3 year old and hes expecting a play date at the pool... your not going to disappoint a child are you ???

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Meet Ava Gray

So Ava Gray is finally here
She was born on August 4th and she is beautiful

If you are a new follower my mom had a baby
Here is the post announcing and her babyshower

I met her for the first time the weekend after she was born and I am already in love

She was only 6.4 pounds and so precious! I can't wait to go home over labor day and spend the last week of my track out with her and my mom

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ugh my body hates me

So Andrew and I eat pretty healthy 
I try to follow a shop the perimeter approach when grocery shopping 

And when I leave the grocery store about 90% of my groceries are from the "good" sections, 
I don't even use can products. I make all my own beans, and cream of "fill in the blank" soups to avoid preservatives, MSG and Sodium
minus our occasional bag of chips... oops at least my addiction is pretzels :)
Call me crazy I know but I am really pick about what goes into my body, I'm not as much a calorie counter but more of watch the crap counter

Until today....
I went to the gym and a new woman was teaching the cycling class
Kick my butt much???? 
But I loved it and shes teaching Friday so you know I will be there waiting for another butt kick

But then I had to stop by the grocery store for a last minute ingredient for a dessert I am making tomorrow ( I'll post the recipe tomorrow )
(which by the way is completely delicious but not very nutritious)
and I needed Oreos to make a crust

 well when I got home I ate....
 umm I am not going to tell you how many
Now I feel like crap... 

This is why I don't buy this stuff cause yea I still love the way junk food taste 
but no I don't like the way it makes my body feel

So how about you? How do you control what you eat, cause as you can't see I don't have self control and have to cut things out completely cause eating just one doesn't work in this house hold!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Communication Crisis

Alert Alert!!!
My phone is having a meltdown
Lets first start off this story with the fact that I HATE 
( and I don't like the word hate and we don't use it in our house)
HATE my phone.
I am an apple junkie... I love my Pro, I LOVED( notice the past tense) my iPhone
But then about a year and a half ago I had an upgrade and it was right when the 4 came out and my lovely husband (the anti-apple) convinced me to not get it as it was new and he said it probably still had some kinks and so I listened and I bought a droid
I got the first version of the Samsung Galaxy

And ever since the first day I got it I hated it
Why didn't I take it back you ask.. because I was so busy I never got a chance
and since then my phone will cut off in the middle of a phone call, freeze for hours and not load messages

Last night it got worse...
I noticed the Internet would not refresh my phone but it was late so I just went to bed...
Then i woke up this morning and was trying to text Andrew but now it wont text out
Needless to say I will be making a trip to AT&T to get my phone fixed and I will begin the countdown to March when I can get an upgrade and purchase another beloved IPhone

Monday, August 20, 2012

Track Out Projects

With Track Out officially started I now have the next three weeks off!
I am super excited but I also have a list a mile long of things I want to accomplish
Thanks to pinterest, I have sparked some ideas for projects I want to complete for our new place and for my classroom

Monogrammed Stool
This will definitely cheer up the stool I am currently using

A cute sign for my door
Source: via Brianna on Pinterest

Organization station for markers, glue, scissors, etc

For the Home: This cute sign ( I already have a frame to use!)

For our Master bedroom (in light blue)

A front door wreath

I'll post the finished products as I complete them
Do you have any current pinterest projects that have caught your eye?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

I Made IT

Sorry for my lack of posting. When I last posted 
( about a month ago... YIKES)
I said I got a new job and since then I have gone through training, teacher workdays and taught my lovely kiddos and as of Friday I officially tracked out and have the next 3 weeks off :) 

I am definitely planning to plan my next unit, visit family, get some R&R and get back into my blog. I really miss it!!!

Here's a look into our relaxing Sunday
(If you follow me on twitter or instagram you've already seen this)
I made the bed before we went to church and when we got home I went to change and when I walked out of the closet this is what I found.
Needless to say it is a nasty rainy Sunday so I hopped into bed and we watched a nice movie :)

Enjoy your Sunday! I am going to finish my lazy day with the husband and pups with Brinner .. aka breakfast for dinner :)