Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Who wants a baby?

Andrew and I are approaching our year and a half anniversary
( I can't believe it)
But the question on everyone's mind is...
When are you having a baby?

and now with my mom having a newborn the question is brought up even more.
It goes something like this

How is your mom doing?
She's doing great
How is Ava
Precious, adorable, perfect...etc
So doesn't she make you want one
Eventually but not now
Don't be modest its okay
No really, not now

I went home this weekend for labor day and it was like a world wind! We went to two family/ friend cookouts and Ava (my new sister) and the questions came in full force. Better yet Andrew wasn't there so I took all the questioning! You can only tell people some many times we aren't ready yet before you realize it is not going to sink in any time soon! haha
So why not you ask? I feel like we are still young. I will turn 24 this year and Andrew will turn 27 and we plan on a lot of year together before we bite the dust so I don't feel there is any reason to rush. Call me selfish but we haven't been married long and I still want Andrew all to myself!There are a few trip and things Andrew and I want to accomplish before we take the baby plunge.
Such as:
Have Andrew finish Grad School and obtain his PhD ( 2 years)
Buy a house
Andrew obtain a job
Save, Save, Save some money

So no we aren't planning on having a baby anytime soon, but if it happens well that is life. 
For now we are enjoying our "us" time and planning our next vacation for our 2nd anniversary... Any recommendations?

How about you guys? Any of you feeling the pressure of having kids?


  1. while I already have one son who is 19 mo. old, we are getting the pressure from other people to have ANOTHER baby. Sawyer was a bit of a "surprise" for my husband and I, we had only had one year of marriage together before we found out we were expecting. My advice is to enjoy the time you have together as husband and wife before you become parents - having a baby is life-changing.

  2. I feel your pain. Every time we go out with couples they all have kids and everyone keeps asking when we are going to start trying. I mean we are the only couple without them. I just turned 20 last week and my husband will be 28 in October. While he talks about it all the time.I just can't even imagine it! I have no clue what to do. Haha. Stay true to yourself and live your own life. :)

  3. I can't stand this question, we get it all the time, too! I tell them at least 5 years (I'll be 28, Trey 29) and then people go on to tell me that that is too old! What?! None of their business!!

  4. Isn't that so annoying? We've only been married 6 months and people are CONSTANTLY asking (mainly his family).

    I'm so tempted to tell them that we are NEVER having kids. lol

  5. The baby question is seriously the worst. I'm considering carrying around business cards that have all the reasons why I'm not pregnant nicely laid out for people who ask.


  6. I am SO tired of that question!!

  7. I think it's great that you aren't giving into the pressure, you shoudl absolutely enjoy each other. I have a 2 year old and I get bombarded with when are you going to have another. But my hubby and I are happy with our little guy and aren't in a rush to add more kids to the mix!

  8. You shouldn't feel pressure like that, enjoy your time with your hubs! I know when I get married my mom will probably start asking me that same question the day after we get back from the honeymoon. Oh, moms... gotta love them though :)

  9. eeek! seems like lots of people are having kids these days! whenever it happens, that will be the perfect time for you! and it will be a blessing <3!

  10. I completely agree with you! You should enjoy the first few years of your marriage as just the two of y'all! Enjoy the time without kids!

  11. I do feel like if you are young you should enjoy each other for awhile before jumping in and having kids. Have some time to travel, get some things in order (like you have on your list) and then consider it. We've been married 4 years and we are both turning 30. I sometimes feel internal pressure b/c I am turning 30, but we still aren't ready. It's a personal decision and commitment so you do it when YOU are ready. =)