Monday, September 24, 2012

Do you blog??

So my lovely readers do you blog ?
I want to know! 
I have seen a few of my other blogger friends do this and I would love to get to know those of you who follow my blog because
1. You already know so much about me
2. I may not know you!!

So here are 5 random things about me and because I shared my quirks you should share your answers below!

1. I have no piercings or tattoos. Not for any religious reason but because I am extremely scared of needles ( see #2) . My parents never got any of our ears pierced as a baby cause they wanted us to decided when and if we wanted them and being a competitive cheerleader it never happened. Now I am 23 with no piercings but it seems normal to me but the rest of the world is always shocked when I tell them.

2. I love the dentist. The idea of getting my teeth cleaned makes me so happy! On an opposite note I hate the doctor, the idea of being in a building full of needles makes me want to hyperventilate

3.I am a sell by Nazi... yes I know you really have a week after the "sell by" or "best if used by" date but that doesn't fly in this household. I am no professional and if you can't sell it in a store I am convinced I will get sick. Its a habit the hubs wishes I would kick!

4. I love ice cream. Its such a weakness. We eat very healthy at our house cause I have so many things that don't settle ( hello gluten and dairy) but I will take a lactose supplement in a heart beat to chow down on some ice cream

5. I believe in breaking the odds! My parents were teenage parents and 24 years later they are about to celebrate their 20th anniversary with 3 children and college degrees and some of the most successful people I know. The hubs and I are high school sweethearts  and I love it. I have watched him grow into a man!

So now spill your beans! I am anxious to find some new bloggers that I don't follow :)

Who are you?  

Do you blog, too? Leave me your link!  I want to follow you!

Do you remember how you found my blog? A link-up? Another blog?

How long have you been reading?

What keeps you coming back to my blog?

Whats something we have in common?

Tell me a fun fact about yourself!


  1. I am SO glad that I finally met someone else without their ears pierced. I still get made fun of all the time.

  2. first off I love this! such a great idea, I might have to use this sometime

    My names is Hallie
    I blog over at
    I beleive I found your blog through a link-up
    I have been reading for about a month or so
    I love that you are a you are a newlywed living with 2 puppies, which is my EXACT life, and I love reading blogs I can relate to!
    I am obsessed with fall smells, I literally lite 30 candles when I come home because all I wanna smell is pumpkin!

    You have super adorable blog, and this is a GREAT idea agian!

  3. I can't believe your ears aren't pierced! I honestly don't think I've ever met a girl our age who doesn't have their ears pierced... one less piece of jewelry you have to spend money on! :-)

  4. Such a good idea!!!! I am the same way about sell or use by dates!!!

    My name is Jenny
    I blog at
    I think I found your blog through a link up... But not for sure!
    I've been following/reading for about a month or so
    I like to shop sales! If I see something I like I will wait for it to go on sale! No need to pay full price for it when you can get it a few weeks later for much less!!!

  5. These are all awesome facts! and I'm right there with you on the love of ice cream! Sherbert is my favorite!

  6. Love it! I think that you found my blog. I think you were the first person I didn't know that started following me. =) I read when work permits. You are one of the more interesting local bloggers I know! PS - I love ice cream too! I just went to locopops for the first time yesterday, not sure if you have been yet.

  7. I am trying to blog! haha
    I have had a blog for a while, but I find it so hard to stay on top of it.. or have the inspiration to actually write something. but I am trying to get better! =] Would love if you followed along =]

  8. Hey Brianna! I'm not sure how I found your blog, but I think I saw it on someone else's blog. When I checked out your blog I realized you are in Raleigh, which is super close to where I live and I also work just down the street from NC State! My blog is JUST getting started and I am clueless about what to post! haha
    I love going to the dentist also! I thought I was the only weirdo who looked forward to a cleaning! ;)

  9. Hi my name is Lauren and I've been reading for a couple months! I love your blog because I live in Raleigh too and my fiancé is a NCSU alum! It's fun reading the married side of life wihle I wedding plan. I blog too! :-) I think I found your blog when you commented on another blog. I guess a fun fact about myself would be I am a UNC med student but I regularly put on red and white to cheer for State (which I did not go to) just to keep the fiancé happy :-)