Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Things I wished I wouldn't have turned down when planning my wedding

Let me start this off by saying my wedding was amazing. I married my best friend and we have a beautiful marriage. 
Or as Ben Affleck would say " The best kind of work"

 When I got married I wasn't blogging, and pinterest wasn't around ( I can't imagine all the other projects I would have added if it had been) but I wanted to recap 5 things that I had as an option that I turned down and wished I didn't.

 First Look
We got married almost 2 years ago and this wasn't something that was all the rage like it is now. I feel like it hit right as we got married and I was to nervous about breaking tradition. However I wish we would have done this. It would have allowed us to get more photos as a bridal party and as a couple that I feel like we lacked. Also I would love to remember Andrew's reaction when he first saw me but I was so nervous I can't remember.

Smaller Guest List
We had over 200 people at our wedding. I remember at a certain point I told my bridesmaids to not let anyone besides Andrew, family or bridal party near me. I was so tired of talking and I just wanted to enjoy the reception. I would say a quarter of the people there I couldn't put a name to their face

 Eat before entering the reception
Our venue coordinator offered this to us. We could eat in a separate room during the first half of the cocktail hour then mingle the second half and enter the reception. I ate two bites before I was pulled in so many different directions and then forgot about eating. Thank goodness I have an amazing husband who as soon as we got to the hotel ordered me a pizza :)

Hired a videographer 
I didn't do this because I thought pictures would be enough. However I was so nervous during the ceremony I don't remember much! I wish I video taped it also for family who couldn't make it and it would be amazing to watch in the future if we have daughters when they get married!

So did you do any of these things in your wedding?
What were some things you wish you wouldn't have turned down?


  1. I think a First Look was my favorite part of my whole day! I'd definitely do it again!

  2. Love this!! I wish I had started blogging before we got married so I could capture all the details, but didn't really know about it & I was still scrapbooking!

  3. I definitely had a smaller guest list and wouldn't have it any other way! It was pretty easy though because we had a destination wedding, so that cut our numbers drastically. I knew everyone there and even got to spend 1-3 extra days with them getting excited about the wedding and making a vacation out of it!

    I wish we would have taken better family pictures / asked to have them re-taken later on. The sun was in our eyes in all our family pictures (because they were outside) and I don't like any of them.
    Maybe in five years we'll do vow renewals?! ;)

    I love that he ordered pizza for y'all afterwards!

  4. I am the same way about the first look! My husband & I have been married almost four years and none of the cool stuff popular now was even a thought then. I totally wish I had Pinterest when we got married and the one big thing I'd change is my number of bridesmaids, I had 6 when I really should have narrowed it to 3!

  5. I wish we had hired a videographer. It was something we had to cut because of our budget. Something had to give so we opted to save by not getting a video. I didn't really feel like I NEEDED a formal video. And I do love the raw footage a friend got on their own camera. But it would be nice to have that formal video to look back at.

  6. Man I wish Pinterest was around when we got married too (2008)... We didn't have a videographer either. I too wish we would have taped it... =/

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  7. I think everyone has things they wish they did differently. My best advice to upcoming brides is to hire a videographer (and hire a good one)... ours was worth every penny!

  8. Number one, I LOVEEEEEEE the new layout!!! And I definitely did most of those.. Obviously we hired a videographer, and it was a last minute thing, like I booked maybe a month in advance?! And I'm glad we did, BUT we also had friends walk around with a video camera and they got all of the dance footage and reception footage and thank goodness for cell phones capturing things no one else got! Also glad we did a first look, but also not sure if it would've been much different, I was still SO nervous! But I'm glad we got our photos out of the way! Guest list I didn't mind too much.. And eating, definitely wish I had a bit but I wasn't really hungry anyway! haha! BUT hindsight is 20/20 ;)

  9. I LOVE your dress! I am getting married in Raleigh in 24 days, can't wait. :-)

  10. You made one beautiful bride! Loving all of the wedding posts lately!

  11. My photographer took over 700 pictures, but I still regret not get a videographer! P.s. I am total wolfpack fan as well!