Friday, May 10, 2013

Shake My Head...

Ever have that moment when you see someone do something and all you can think is SMH!!
It's even worse when that embarrassing thing happens to you!

So lets turn it back to my senior year in high school for this story.
Andrew and I had been together for 2 years and we were going to his brother-in-law's parents house for  his nephews birthday party ( did you follow that??!!)

So the party went great, we grilled out, ate cake, opened presents and then it was time to go.
Andrew's mom asks me to go upstairs and get Andrew so I do.

I walk to the bonus room and everyone is on the floor playing, including a person on the floor on all fours with their butt up in the air. Now in my case they were thin and fit like Andrew so what do I do, I walk up and slap their butt so hard and who turns around but Andrew's sisters father-in-law.

Yes yall, I smacked a 70 year old man's butt. My face turned as red as a cherry and he looked at me and said "Woohoo, can you tell my wife I like it rough!"

Omg I wanted to die. I apologized no less than a million times and everyone was dying laughing.
To this day I still get teased about it!


  1. Bahaha!!! I know you were so embarrassed, but that is a GREAT story. Why do people have to look so similar from behind?! :-)

  2. OMG! Haha, such a funny moment to think about, but can't imagine how embarrassing it was when it happened!!! Don't you love those moments that make you want to just cover your face with your hands when you think about them?

  3. HAHAHA! At one of my formals in high school, I walked up behind a guy that I thought was Trey and hugged him from behind and put my head on his back... NOT HIM! Yours is totally worse, though!

  4. HAHAHAHA! I would have been mortified!

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHA this is amazing!!!

  6. OHMYGOSH. That is amazing & hilarious. I can't imagine! Hahahahahha.

  7. That is so funny! I am still laughing!

  8. This. is. AWESOME. I love it! And I love that you go to the Cary campus! :) I'm always looking for other blogger friends!

  9. Now that was hilarious!!!

    Found you via Lifewithemily...following you now! Have a great day!!!