Monday, February 11, 2013

A Giveaway!

I was so excited when Zach contacted me to try out their new product. Sin<less Cocktails are mixers that are all natural, sugar free and only have 5 calories per serving. The difference here from other low calorie mixers is sin<less has much less sugar and calories. Other brands have around 24 grams of sugar so that doesn't seem like a better alternative.

Zach and his wife sent me a bottle of Margarita and Mojito mixes.
They also have sour mix and strawberry margarita.
I searched and found I could purchase sin<less at whole foods.
Andrew and I decided to try the cocktails out with our Mexican feast we had for dinner one night.
I promise they aren't neon looking in real life.

I drank the margarita since I am not a mojito fan and it was amazing. I am not a fan of the skinny girl brand cocktails as I think they are too bitter but this one was great. It tasted just like my pre-made golden margs I buy at the ABC store during pool season :)

So here is where you can enter to win your own bottles.
Good Luck :)

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