Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall TV Line Up at the Tuckers

As the Fall shows are now in full swing heres a look at our favorites

Here are my Favorites that I have been watching since they first started. I have seen every episode

I am so sad the series is in its last season so I watch extra intently each time it comes on

Oh McDreamy... you still have it

and of course when the spin - off came out.. I had to watch it too

But don't get me wrong, I don't force Andrew to watch just girly shows.. we have our favorites too
Think of NCSI, CSI, or Law and Order but the comedy version.. this show comes on USA on Wednesday and its a MUST... if you've never watched it you should jump on the bandwagon.. NOW!

We are hooked... take one snow weekend 2 years ago where we were stuck in doors and we watch all the episodes through netflix steaming.. now every Tuesday at 8pm this is whats on at our house :)

This show is in its second episode and we like it... not sure where the plot is going to go through multiple seasons but we are gonna hang on to see

And since the world series is done our last two favorites will return... and while baseball is a favorite at our house we were ready for our shows to come back 

Glee... I've watched it since the beginning but Andrew is hooked :) we even watched the Glee project to find out who would be next on the show!

Our last new show we started watching... we were sure at first but after rave reviews from our friends we watched it on demand and we have to admit.. its pretty good...

So whats on your DVR???

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Favorites

With all the craziness going on at our household I haven't been keeping up with my blogging like I should. I keep thinking to myself.... this would be great to share on my blog, and I get home and 5 million things come up and then im in bed and start the next crazy day!

 This month of November I am going to keep up more because one I enjoy it and it gives me some space to be me and everyone needs that right?

Well I love fall and all things except ( and don't kill me as I say this) but I HATE PUMPKIN.. I am one of the few who don't run out and crave pumpkin spice lattees( when I am a huge coffee buff) or pie or even the smell or texture of pumpkin.

But here are a few things I do love about the fall

NC State Football
and yes why we are having arough losing year I still love to dress up in my red, black and boots on game days and cheer for the pack

Then there is the State Fair
This year my sister and her boyfriend came up and we had a great time

Cass and Dylan with Fried Kool-aid and fried oreos

Andrew's deep fried honey bun

winning vegetables

The newest fair game--- Angry Birds

And cassandras biggest achievement.. the 3 fish she won in fish pong

And a favorite fall find is.. the corn maze :)
We went with our friends James and Marianne to Green Acres in Cary.. 

our flag to wave for help so we don't call the cops

our score sheets

So here are a few of our fall favorites... what are yours ??

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ghostly Greetings...

With Halloween approaching I decided I needed to begin looking for a costume. This year we will not be going to the Hillsborough Hike, we will be heading to Georgia to visit our friends Seth and Sara Carter. Their house isn't far from FSU so we will be heading to the game verse NC State :)

I am sure you are wondering why I would need a costume then if we will be in GA over Halloween?? Well my school is having Fall Festival for the students and all the teachers have to dress up.  Finding a teacher appropriate costume has been very hard. Here are some ideas I have had ( I will have to make some modifications) but let me know your thoughts.

I could wear this with a long black shirt and leggings and boots?
( I Think this is my favorite)

Instead of buying this I could buy an incredibles shirt, red tights and black shorts with boots and a mask?

Minnie mouse... what elementary student doesn't love that?

Finally the classic pumpkin costume... I don't hate it but its definitely not my favorite.

After thinking about myself I couldn't forget about my pups...

My favorites are the bubble bee and the lady bug but Andrew loves the headless horseman... I guess it all breaks down to what they have in their sizes :)

So what are you plans for Halloween, and what will you be?

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Dinner that keeps on giving

So being someone who was only introduced to pinterest about a month ago I have to say I am obsessed!!!
I am always looking for new recipes and I found this recipe for Chicken Chimichangas and I was sold. Mexican is a favorite at our house and we eat it at the minimum once a week... Its quick easy and always delicious :) So here is a look into our kitchen today...

Here is the full shot of my kitchen ..aka cooking mess

First home made guacamole for toppings

Next I missed a few steps in the picture taking process but I made homemade Spanish rice and added chicken and made refried beans ( from a can). 

Next I layered my beans and the rice and chicken mixture in my tortilla and topped it with cheese and wrapped it up and closed it with a tooth pic.

Next it went into the oil for about 1 minute on each side and out came fried deliciousness :)

Finally we added the topping and dinner was served at the Tucker house :)

Let me tell you it was a lot of work ( definitely will be a weekend meal from now on) but it was delicious and it made so much food. We will have food for days... which is how we like it :) Try it out and let me know what you think.

However all this fried deliciousness only brings one greater thing to mind... THE STATE FAIR! Only two days till it opens Thursday and I couldn't be happier..bring it on :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Yes I am alive...

So I have been soo MIA but alot has happened in our little lives

About two weeks ago I was in my friend Caitlins beautiful wedding in Wilkesboro, NC. She is now Caitlin Greene Mitchell and I know she couldnt be happier.

but while we were there we also got to see her adorable new puppy Rebel...

So what happened... of course we started looking at puppies like CRAZYYYY!!! We had been thinking about getting another, Bently is 2 and he really needs a friend so here came.... COOPER :)

Tomorrow we have had him for two weeks.. he is definetly more of a handful than Bently but we love him. We signed him up for puppy classes because of it and he starts Monday so we will see how that goes.