Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bling Ring Link Up :)

Today I am linking up with the Bling Bling Share Your Ring linkup over at Happiness is....

I love my ring so much.
Andrew did a wonderful job.
 I did however help pick it out but along with a few other options but Andrew picked the final one.
Here it is

With my wedding band it equals 2.25 carats.
I always wanted a three stone emerald cut so this ring is my dream.
The three diamonds equal 2 carats and the diamonds on the two band equal the last .25

Wanna know how he asked.. its super cheasy but that just how we are

So it was Easter weekend (in 2010) and Andrew was nice enough to stay in Raleigh with me since I had to work all weekend. It was Friday night and I had to close the salon ( I was a manger of a corporate tanning salon then) so I didn’t get home till like 11. He always waits for me to get home so we could eat dinner together, so the fact that he had dinner ready when I got home didn’t make me suspicious. So we sat down to eat and then he tells me he has to go to the bathroom, but instead he is in my room rummaging around and then goes into the bathroom and comes back. I am just thinking, hes wierd whatever. So we are sitting down eating and me being the huge Facebook stalker that I am, Andrew changes our relationship on Facebook so that it would get my attention ( since of course I was ignoring his other attempts to get my attention), but that kinda failed because I am also kinda nosey so all of a sudden Andrew had like 7 Facebook chats pop up (they were people saying congrats ) so then I wanted to know what they were saying and Andrew had to distract me to look on my computer. Then I saw it and was confused and he pulled the ring out and asked me, and he says I was in a daze and kept saying, OMG is that my ring, can I have it, can I wear it, but to be honest I can’t remember what I was thinking except I was excited so what he said for once is probably true..

Here is another close up of our rings during the wedding :)


  1. I love your ring! It's gorgeous. That's so funny that you kept ignoring his attempts.

  2. Oh my gosh!! Your ring is absolutely beautiful!! I looooove Emerald cuts!

  3. Cute story..I was once a facebook stalker too lol Stopping by from the bling link up
    -barbie @ Style of a Mrs.

  4. wow that ring is a stunner!! it is grogeous

  5. He has good taste!!! Thank you for linking up and sharing your "bling" and story with not only me, but other fellow bloggers!

  6. your ring is incredible! LOVE!