Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year Goals

Andrew and I sat down after all the craziness of the new year and set out our goals
We decided to do nothing extravagant but to set three personal goals and three relational goals each
We both felt that since this will be our first full year of marriage this was important.
So here is what we decided.

Goals for Myself

1. Continue to go to the gym and accomplish running a 5K, 10K and half marathon by the end of the year

2. No Soda
 I am pretty good about this now but I want to cut it out completely
I only typically drink them when I am at a fast food restaurant or dinner
but I want them gone for good!

3. Read at least one Book from the Bible each month.
Andrew and I do weekly devotionals together but neither of us have read the Bible completely through so this is where this comes into play
 I would love to do more and I know I want to bump it up during lent

Goals for Andrew

1. Complete his Oral Prelim
Don't know what that is?
No worries I don't really either.
All I know is its something for his Ph.D:)

2. Work on Frustration
Now don't get me wrong Andrew isn't some crazy guy he's just completely opposite of most people. Things that normal people get angry about are nothing to him and things that are nothing to most people drive him nuts. Its funny  :)

3. Read at least one book from the Bible each month

Our Relational Goals

1. 1 night a week where we are technology free

So no texting, Internet, video games, kindles nothing
I feel this will be so great cause we can cook dinner together and try new recipes
Take the dogs to a park
Have a game night or go bowling
Just a little time for us with no distractions :)

2. Attend Church and Sunday School Regularly

We found a great church in Raleigh
Edenton Street United Methodist Church :)
We went to church frequently but life kept getting in the way
We decided that we are going to church unless we are out of town or sick
Becoming part of a great Sunday School is important so we can find friends to help us grow as well

3. 4 Pre-Planned Dates per Month

This does not include the spur of the moment lets go to dinner
This is an I have been debating about what I want to wear for days type of date
It can be simple like going to a sporting event or dinner and a movie or a night out 
But just some time for us to plan things for each other

So what are your goals?
Any good ones you decided on?


  1. I am a new follower and am so happy I found your blog! It's so refreshing to see such a young couple whose relationship is so God centered! Gives us single girls hope!
    - Nichole

  2. I think these are great goals! Good luck!

  3. Love these goals! Good luck!! :)

  4. I really like the "no technology night" idea. We may have to borrow that one;-)

  5. That's where we go to church! We've been going there since June of 2008 and absolutely adore it! Ned and Lisa are so wonderful!! Maybe I'll bump into you some time! :)

  6. Your guys' goals are so great and I love that you sat down to do them together!

  7. i just love both of your goals! i'm with Steph and love that you did it together. so sweet!

    good luck :)

  8. Love these goals! Need to add a few to mine!

    I also wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Blog award! Love your blog, no surprise! Hope you have a great day!

  9. Great goals - especially the ones about spending time with your hubby!

  10. I love the no technology for a night. I may have to add that to our list!