Sunday, September 9, 2012

News Alert...We survived a flood

So last night the national weather service issued a flood warning for our area.
The hubs and I had planned a date night and about 7:30 headed out to dinner but since it was pouring so bad we decided to pick a different place closer to home
I saw the flood alert but honestly how many times do you see that flash on your phone and think.... its not raining hard enough

Well if you live in Raleigh apparently it was! 
(This was the pictures I took on our way to dinner)

We drove down Avent Ferry (By NC State for all you non Raleigh bloggers) 
and began to notice everyone slowing down.
We assumed it was cause the raining was getting harder and it was hard to see
and the next thing we knew the water was up to the hood of our car!
I couldn't believe it! I looked at Andrew and said this is legit
(haha I know I have a weird sense of humor in high pressure situations)
All I know is good thing I wasn't driving cause Andrew was very calm and collected. 
The water was that high for about 5 blocks and then it was gone.
Its was such a weird experience. All I could think about was how they say to turn around if your in a flood but honestly we couldn't. The water is pretty powerful so we just had to drive and get out of there!
Needless to says we need a few adult drink at dinner and had a great time at Cantina 18 in Cameron Village


  1. I'm glad y'all made it out safely! I know my nerves would have been shot after that!

  2. OMG!! So glad you made it through safely. I have never experienced a flood before and typically roll my eyes when I get the warning message on my phone! Adult drinks would have def been needed for me!

  3. I've never been to Cantina 18!!

    I didn't even notice so much rain? Where was I?! Hah!