Wednesday, September 12, 2012

If you were in middle school..

So most of you know (and if you are a new follower now you will)
I teach 6th Grade Math
Now I want you to think back to when you were in middle school... How many Math related field trips did you take?
If you were lucky you may have been on 1 but its much easier to plan science, history or english based field trips!

So I am really making it my goal to plan 3 field trips this year that relate to the math curriculum!
It is so important for our youth to understand that math is important in the real world because the number one complaint I hear in class is...
"Why do we need to learn this? We will never use it after school!"

And the answer is yes while you may not use every piece of math you learn in school but every piece of  math relates to something in the real world!

So my first field trip I have planned is to the bowling ally. 
They will get to bowl 2 games and keep track of their score.
When we get back to school they will calculate their average score per turn and how their score was a percentage of the team. They can also turn that percent into a fraction and decimal and then we can make graphs 

So now that you see what my first field trip is like! 
Here is where you come in...I need help!
If you were in middle school where would you like to go on a math related field trip??


  1. I admire your creativity! As someone who works in a Central Office for a school district, we see way too many of the SAME field trips over and over and hardly ever any from a math class, love this idea!

  2. Oh, Brianna that is awesome! My 6th grade math teacher was the WORST! I think my hatred of math started with her! Your students are so lucky to have you!