Sunday, September 2, 2012

My Sunday Inspiration

While I am at home with my family for the weekend I am missing Church at the Summit
I have never found a church quite like it
I love that I understand the message, its not just 30 minutes of hearing scriputre in a way that I don't understand and how it related thousands of years ago.
At the Summit I see, I understand, I recognize how I can use it today, in the 21st century.
It has really made me realize how to become a deeper Christian, a more Christian Wife  and a deeper friend of God's.
I am excited for the journey

So here are some quotes that are inspiring me 

Source: via Abby on Pinterest

Source: via Abby on Pinterest

I am going to watch the Summit sermon when it is posted online! 
We are currently working on a series out of John called " can't believe"
If you are interested in a church in the Raleigh Area let me know! I would love to introduce you to The Sumitt Church


  1. The last quote is my favorite! I am going to highlight it in my bible! Thank you for sharing!

  2. These are some really great quotes and scripture! I've heard good things about The Sumitt! Hope you had a great weekend! xoxo