Friday, September 28, 2012

How you know your an adult

So how do you know your an adult?

Getting Married?
Getting your first Apartment?
Graduating College? 
Having a budget?
Paying Bills?
Getting your first real job?
Your bedtime become 9pm?
Making your first adult purchase like a mattress and you get excited ?

Nope cause I have done them all and none have made me feel like more of an adult than this...

Getting my own health insurance!
After I started as a teacher I decided to take their health insurance since it was included and after filling out the paper work and getting all my health, eye and dental cards I had to call my parents to cancel my insurance. 
Wow! that is how I felt. I felt as if I officially cut all ties from being my parents child to now just being my parents adult daughter.

So cheers to the weekend and to the adult Brianna Tucker having a little less than adult fun and relaxation with some adult beverages :)


  1. The insurance is what did it for me, too! Except my car insurance was the last one that my parents covered. It conveniently expired on our wedding day, haha!

  2. Ugh I have to do that in March. I feel like a total adult when my idea of a good time is folding laundry on a Saturday night while drinking wine.