Thursday, September 6, 2012

Am I loosing it?

First time shame on me, 
Second time... Am I loosing my mind?
In the past two days I have had appointment 
( I schedule them while I am tracked out so I don't have to take time off of work)
and both of my appointments were wrong??
I am OCD and I plan my life in my planner to the T

So yesterday I had a hair appointment at what I thought was 1:45.
(that is the name of my salon)

I am talking to my mom and getting gas and I realize.. wait a minute they never emailed me my conformation, I better call.
So I get off the phone, I am halfway there and call. 
NOPE my appointment was for 1:45 next Wednesday but they said if I still came over Courtney (my stylist) said should would squeeze me in by 3.
Deal, I went told them I would walk next door to Home Goods/ Pier One and to just give me a call

Now lets look at today.
I have written in my planner I had an orthodontists appointment at 8:30.
( I have Invisalign so I have to get my new trays every 8 weeks)

1. I was dreading getting up so early
2. I was dreading driving in Raleigh Traffic
 but I got up and got dressed and of course got stuck in such bad traffic I was running late.
I called like 5 times but no one answered it just said 

Thank you for calling Carolina Braces
Our Normal Business hours are M-F 8am- 5pm
if you are calling during that time we are either on the phone or with a guest.
Please leave a message

So I left my message I would be 10-15 minutes late cause of traffic and kept driving.
Well I get there.
The lights are off, the office is closed and there is no sign on the door.
There answering machine didn't even mention the office was closed!
I am livid. I look in my planner I didn't read the wrong day!
I don't know what happened cause today was 8 weeks from the last time I went but I now dislike this place even more than I did the last time I was there. I wouldn't recommend the staff to anyone but I would recommend invisilign 100%

So needless to I feel like I am loosing my mind! I write everything in my planner and take it everywhere and I can't believe its failed me 2 times this week!

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  1. ugh, how frustrating! I am the same way about my planner, so I feel ya.