Thursday, September 13, 2012

Can I do it? Yes we can!

I am in serious need of some blogger PR!

And this is my second post today! Crazy I know!
(I don't normally do or ask for things like this but its that important!)

I am trying to fund a project for my students and have signed up for donors choose.
Students these days really struggle with math because they don't know how it relates to the real world. I want to get scholastic math magazines for each of my students but this is about $1,000.

 I thought this would be impossible but I knew if I reached out to my blogging community you could help me spread the word!

This is so important to my students and I! Not only will this help them understand that math is important but we will help integrate math with all other core subjects and meet so many common core standards required by the state of NC :)

So please help me promote my project for my students and mention it on your blog!

Here is the link to my project!

Thank you for passing this on!

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