Wednesday, September 19, 2012

When its right you just know

So no this isn't a post about how you know when you have found the right man.
(But I am pretty lucky to have already found my perfect match)

While I am still young and only 23 I have 4 years of professional work experience and in those four years I have learned a lot about myself and what it means to have the right job

I was lucky enough at 20 years old to land an amazing opportunity with the tanning salon I worked for, Sun Tan City, and become a Salon Director ( their fancy title for a store manager). I was struggling trying to figure out if I still wanted to become a teacher after a series of events that made me begin to doubt so I took the job to try my hand in the business world while finishing my undergraduate degree.

Now you may think, really how hard is managing a tanning salon, and I see your point if I was running your local mom and pop joint, but STC is far from such.
I ran a million dollar store, managed 12 employees and two assistant managers, saw 300 people a day, cleaned and maintained 24 tanning booths, two spray booths, did laundry, made schedules, and sold thousands of product everyday. 
Not to mention the kicker. I was on call 24hr/day- 7days/week.
While I was great at my job, worked really hard, made amazing money and my store was constantly in the top 10% of the 300 stores STC had, I didn't enjoy my job. I despised it and it consumed two years of my life.

So when I came to a point where I had saved enough I decided that I missed the idea of teaching. I was in my final year of college ( aka super senior here) and wanted to get some experience that would help me land a teaching job after graduation.
I took a job at Chesterbrook Academy as a teachers assistant.
You would think this means great you love your job. Nope, I felt pointless on a daily basis. They had to have me to meet their private school ratio, but the teachers I worked with sat me in the corner and I filed papers all day. I barley worked with the students. So this time I wasn't over worked, I felt bored everyday and there is nothing like going to work and feeling bored for 8 hours.

So after graduation the hunt for teaching jobs began and I accepted a job as a 6th grade math teacher.
I now understand what it means to have a career not a job

I work hard everyday. I am up at 4:30 at work by 6:30, am working with students or for my students all day long, leave at 3:30, hit the gym come home enjoy my husband for a few hours and hit the sack. But there has never been a second where I thought, if I don't show up.. no one will notice. I enjoy being with my students, I enjoy working for a purpose, I enjoy making a difference, I enjoy enjoying my job!
It's amazing how enjoying your job makes you feel complete. 

So when its right you just know and you can be in the #win category. But sometimes you have to kiss a few frogs to find out :)

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  1. Enjoying what you do makes a big difference! It's important to do what you love! Yay for you!