Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Doggy Daycare?

So by now you know
(especially if you follow me on twitter or instagram)
That I have two dogs and I love them

My dogs have a huge problem..
They are largely unsocialized!
When we have people over they bark for a good 10 minutes and then they lay down and cuddle up like you were their life long best friends.
The same happens when we go to parks or out. 
Barking, Barking, Barking until someone comes to pet them then they are on their back loving the affection and belly rubs

So our solution... socialize them
We were recommended to take them to doggy daycare once a week so they begin to get used to other people and other dogs coming around.
This will hopefully also help with cooper.
He guards his food and his crate. He isn't aggressive but we still don't want him doing this.
So any recommendation or suggestions?
Have you taken your dog to doggy daycare?


  1. Ok, we need to have a doggy blog-date! Shelby drives me nuts when we have visitors or even walk past people outside! She wants attention from them SO bad! She really could care less about playing with other dogs, but I want her to more! Have you ever been to the dog park off of Millbrook? We took Shelby once and all she did was stand in the corner and watch the other dogs!

  2. Best decision EVER. Whiskey protests when he has to go home in the afternoons! Well worth the money!

  3. We have the same problem with our pup, Sadie, but only when it comes to other dogs. We just make it a point to pet the other dogs before Sadie gets to em so she doesn't freak out.

  4. Never tried doggy daycare but a friend of mine did and it made a huge difference! Socialization is huge for dogs and they benefit it from it kind of like we do in some ways. Best of luck, I hope it works out!


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