Sunday, November 20, 2011

Trimming the Tree :)

So in my family we always put the tree up on the Friday after Thanksgiving.
But Andrew and I will be in Charlotte celebrating Thanksgiving with our family
and when we get home Sunday we will be taking our first set of Christmas photos for our Christmas card as a married couple so we wont have time to get it up before the work week starts. 
So Christmas time at the Tuckers starts TODAY :)

Heres a pictures of the pups all dressed up in their Christmas sweaters ready to start decorating!!

Here is what our house looks with a little Christmas cheer :)
Our Christmas Tree

The Nativity scene. Its so special because Andrews mom hand painted it and kept it up in her house for years and when we got our first place she gave it to us for our first christmas :)

We still have a few more things to put up such as decorating the spare bathroom with the Christmas towels and setting up the Christmas Village Andrews mom gave us but we got tired!

So we ended our night with one of our favorite meals

Homemade Yellow Curry Chicken 

and for dessert
Yes there are 72 homemade chocolate chip cookies here
No worries they aren't all for us
Lets just say we will be the favorite employees at work tomorrow :)

Hope everyone has a great short work week ( Benefits of being a teacher.. ours is only 2 days!!) 
And is ready for Turkey Day

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  1. Christmas can never come too early! I love the white lights on the tree! And those cookies look delicious. Happy Holidays to the Tuckers!