Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pinteresting Wednesday Anyone?

So Happy Hump Day Everyone!
Along with Wednesday I am linking up with Michelle from the Vintage Apple for


So here is my Pinteresting Wednesday:

I am a lover of all food Asian so this is on my cooking list for next week
Crock Pot Honey Chicken
I'll let you know what we think

Now if you looked at my link up yesterday you would see I am loving soup right now

So here are two crock-pot recipes of my favorites :)

Broccoli and Cheddar

And of course Tomato Soup :)

Now for some holiday treats :)

My sister turned 17 today and at our house Birthdays are as big a holiday as any

So if I was anywhere near home right now I would be making here these

A mixture of her two fav things: Creme Brulle Cupcakes :)

And with Thanksgiving around the corner

I think my 4 nephews would love Andrew and I if we showed up to Thanksgiving

with these for them

And with Christmas right around the corner.. here are some of my festive treats

 for Santa :)

Source: via Brianna on Pinterest

So what goodies are you pinning ?

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