Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,
I feel as though Christmas is right around the corner so I began to get my Christmas list together
(Hopefully the hubs will see this post.. ive been hinting for new boots and a watch like crazyyyy)

3. Kitchen Aid Mixer

5. New Stationary
with my new name of course :)

6. Black Wedge Pumps
I recently discovered Lindsay Phillips Snap Shoes and I have my eye on this pair
I have some other little things but here is my main obsessions as of now
So what are you asking Santa for this year ?

Be on the look out for a new craft I am doing to make our bathroom extra christmasssyy :)
(all thanks to pinterest!)


  1. I want a kitchen Aid mixer so bad! I feel that one is the mark of true adulthood. I love how classic they are and the parts from the 1940s original can still fit on the new models. Hope Santa brings it for you!


    P.S. Come check out my blog!

  2. I am your newest follower. Love all the stuff on your list, esp the boots and watch.


  3. Just found your blog and am a new follower! Love it! I teach 3rd grade in the triangle and am glad to have another local blog to follow!

  4. I love the fossil watch! I have one on my Christmas list this year also! Love your blog!


  5. LOVE my cowboy boots! I hope Santa brings you everything on your list!

    P.S. Thanks so much for the follow! Have a great week!

  6. I am dyyying for that mixer!!! I hope Santa is good to us both! :)

  7. That watch is gorgeous! And I've been wanting a Lilly Pulitzer planner for a long time now. :)

  8. I have that exact same Lilly agenda and it's definitely a life saver!! Totally recommend it!

    new follower and loving your blog!!