Thursday, November 10, 2011

Becoming Grown-Ups :)

After the last few months I have made some huge adjustments
and while I'm working through them and learning every day
I couldn't have done it without my Husband, Family and Friends

Well I am not the only one I know making these huge adjustments
One of my best friends Laura received her first job in the real world a few months ago
You might recognize her from our wedding

With all the wedding stress I don't know what I would have done without her!

But if you ever need pew bows shes your girl.. she spent days making over 30 for ours!!

But back on topic.. Laura got her first place and I was so excited for her!
I knew I was going to go over earlier this week and help her get situated
So Andrew and I decided we wanted to do some sort of moving in gift
but if you knew Laura you would know shes probably the hardest person to shop for cause
1. Shes knows exactly what she likes
2. When she finds something she likes she buys it right then
So finding something she likes and doesn't already have is hard!

So because we were celebrating becoming a big girl 
I knew we deserved big girl treats 
and at that point I knew right where to go

I am always looking for any excuse to head over to Gigi's and since 
Laura hadn't ever been I had to go right....

So here is what I left with..
6 Gigi's Cupcakes 
( From LR: Wedding Cake, Maple Bacon, Bourbon, Peanut Butter, Birthday Cake, White Chocolate Midnight Magic )
Definetly something to help through those long nights of unpacking!

What your favorite go to treat??


  1. I absolutely adore Gigi's! I heard a rumor they are building one in Charlotte:-)

  2. Those cupcakes look to die for. I hope they are bringing one to Charlotte, that would be AMAZING!