Friday, November 11, 2011

Have you thanked your Veterans

I couldn't think of a more better day to celebrate Veterans Day than

I have been so blessed to have some amazing Veterans in my life

My Grandpa was an amazing man and dedicated his whole life to the Coast Guard. 
I was his first grandchild and in his eyes I was perfection.
When he retired and we all lived in Charleston together he used to drag me around the neighborhood
Telling everyone how awesome his Bud was( Bud was the nickname he gave me)
Loosing him was the hardest thing and I think about it all the time
My mom and I laughed when it came time for my wedding saying he probably would have fought my dad to walk me down the aisle and wouldn't have settled for less than both of them walking me
He was amazing and I know God has an amazing angel watching me everyday :)

My Grandpa Hart was also in the Navy and everything about him screams military. 
He worked hard everyday and I know he is greatful for all the veterans after him that continue to serve our country.

And I can't forget about the amazing people Andrew has brought into my life
Andrews Grandfather is a WWII Veteran and was part of the 101st AirBorne Screaming Eagles.
The man is over 90 years old and he can remember stories from when he was in war like it was yesterday. My dad and him have become best buds and its so cute cause everytime he see me he asks when he can see my dad again :)
He is truly amazing and feel blessed to have met him let alone become part of his family.

So today as you walk around be thankful and if you see a veteran, today of all days you should thank them!

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