Saturday, November 12, 2011

Starting up the holiday spirit :)

As you know its always a bad idea to go grocery shopping while your hungry
but for some reason Andrew and I do it ALL THE TIME.

Well this trip was no different and Andrew began craving many things that weren't on our list
but with the holiday season coming up they were all holiday treats. 
I decided since Andrew had never had a pumpkin roll ( And they are my fav)
That this is what we must make

I follow the Libbys Pumpkin Roll Recipe so here is the link but after all the baking and cooling
( and Andrew anxiously waiting )
Here was our final outcome
Andrew was very impressed and its definitely a runner up for my holiday gift treats I give to his family each year :)

We also left target with a Christmas Candle and its awesome
Gotta love the glad Christmas Cinnamon

Now we are finishing our Saturday at home snuggled up with the pups watching Andrew's all time Christmas movie

I am so ready for the holiday season and I love getting started with our favorite things
So what are you doing to get into the holiday spirit?


  1. I love Christmas Vacation!! I actually watched it yesterday!! Could I get your email address? I couldn't find it on your profile and will be sending out book club stuff very soon, plus some other fun Christmas stuff!!

  2. That looks delicious! Maybe I'll try making it for Thanksgiving

  3. I just found your blog through another blog I follow. It's so fun to find other newlywed blogs! Can't wait to keep reading about your adventures :)

  4. this post makes me so happy! i love all things Christmas! it's never too early to get into the spirit!