Thursday, November 3, 2011

Some southern wife 101 :)

I have seen alot of the bloggers I follow doing mini get to know you questionaires 
So I figured I would join in on the fun so here we go


I could live anywhere in the USA......

I would stay in the good ole' Carolina's. I can say this because I have lived in both Carolina's. We have it all: amazing mountains, beautiful beaches and everything southern :)

 I lived right out side of Charleston, SC and I love everything about it. All the history that comes with it and the felling that growing up there makes you feel like a real southern bell. Living in Charleston you experience everything you imagine about being southern: Sweet Tea, Boiled Peanuts, Rainbow Row, monograms, Carolina Coast line and fresh seafood,Palmetto Girls and good southern boys :)

Then living in Charlotte, NC I would consider this the modern take on the South. Southern Charm in a city environment and a much better take on the weather. I feel like Charlotte actually experiences all 4 seasons where as in Charleston we got hot, hotter and OMG Humidity :)

I currently live in Raleigh and my wolfpack heart makes me love it :) I couldn't have picked a better place to go to college and began some of the most important steps in my life :)

My favorite place growing up in SC: the pineapple fountain in the square :)

The Charlotte Skyline--amazing :)

Raleigh, NC : our new home and the place of our beloved
Wolfpack :)

 I were to have more children
Currently I have no human children but I do have the two most adorable dogs in the world. Bently our two year old Pomeranian and Cooper ( our newest addition) is a 4 month old Cocker Spaniel!

Give us at least 3/4 years and I am sure we will be on the baby train but for right now we will stick to our dogs. We both have a lot we want to accomplish with school and getting our careers down straight before we have kids. In a perfect world I would love one boy and one girl, not to have the typical family but because I want two kids and because of the type of girly girl I am, Andrew said our future family can only afford one girl for me to spoil!!

I could have any talent in the world
I would want to have a beautiful singing voice. I love music and how it can completely transform your mood. On a daily basis I feel as if I found a new soundtrack for my current life situation and then when i find the next one I laugh about my previous one.
Also one of my favorite things about church and worship is the musical aspect. Music in church is such a great way to express you love for the Lord and to help put across what you feel when you can't find the words to pray about it. I would love to be able to have a great musical voice so I could share my passion in church, but as for now I will be a great listener and supporter of those who do have the voice :)

Speaking for worship music my favorite hymn of all time is
Here I am Lord-- This version is sung by the Choir of Wells Cathedral

If You Met Me In Real Life
You would realize I am everything and nothing like you expect me to be. I am the essence of a girly girl who loves her pink, monograms, lilly, ruffles and pearls. Which when people meet me this is who they expect. But talk to Andrew's sisters and they will say they don't understand how I tolerate him cause he is such a nerd( of course they mean this in the most loving sisterly way), but I love it cause I can let out my inner dork as well and everyone needs a little dork in their life :)
In essence we are perfection :)
us being normal
or just a little goofy :)

Money Were Not An Object
I believe Andrew and I would become huge travel buffs and professional restaurant connoisseurs. While planning vacations we determine if the place is worth going based on if it has some amazing restaurants and if we can be extremely touristy :)
Don't get us wrong we love vacations where we can relax and enjoy ourselves but we really love to sight see!
Here are some places on our list:
1. Washington D.C 
( I have been before but Andrew hasn't)

2. New York
( Anyone that knows Andrew understands that he has a huge love for all things Yankees so this trip is a must)

3. California
(I was born there and my whole family lives there, so naturally Andrew would love to visit and can we say free stay!)

4. Bahamas
(After our honeymoon we began looking at new islands to travel to and these beaches caught our eye!)

5.Disney World
( Andrew took me for the first time EVER last year but we want to go back again)

6. Maine
(We love seafood and want to go here to get some of the states best lobster!)

I Could Met One Celebrity

I would want to meet Audrey Hepburn.

 For what is better than a classic woman of the 60's who loves 

 and Tiffany's?
 Anytime I am down I think about one of the many quotes of hers tat are all about women and being beautiful.

I could only shop at one store for the rest of my life
I would have to say Nordstrom:) It's always my go to store because they have it all
dresses for all occasions: cocktails, Easter or tailgating
and of course the only jeans that seem to fit my awkward bottom half: sevens :)

I could choose one animal/pet
I grew up with cats and if you asked me then I would have said I would never have dogs becuase I loved my cat Princess so much and this is true, when she died I could never replace her. Moving as a child is really hard and so my parents bought my sister and I each a cat to take with us when we moved so we would always have something from before. 
But now I have my dogs and there is just something about how they love you that is different from cats. I will never say one of them is better than the other, but I don't think I would be the same without Bently and Cooper :)

If I could go on a trip right now
Well as you read in an earlier comment we are constantly planning a bucket list of places that we want to travel.. BUT if I had to pick one right now I would have to pick the Bahamas! Winter is my least favorite time of the year (besides the fact that its the holiday season.. if Christmas could only be during the summer my life would be complete!) the weather is really getting to me so if someone offered to pay for me and my darling husband to head on a vacation Bahamas is where it would be. 
We would definetly find an all inclusive resort because its definetly worth it! 

I had to choose between a housekeeper or personal chef
This was definitely the easiest answer... HOUSEKEEPER!
I love to cook and Andrew loves to eat so we make a great pair 
but we are so alike in that we both HATE to clean but both want a clean house
This shows that one of the first things we will invest in once we are settled in a house is a housekeeper :)

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