Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Recap

So with the 5 day mini Thanksgiving vaca that Andrew and I had
I kinda forgot about blogging.
We had such a wonderful time at home with our families that blogging got pushed to the side
So here is the recap of our weekend.

Wednesday was spent running the millions of errands needed to get ready for our first Thanksgiving where the Hart's ( my family) and the Tuckers ( my new family) would spend Thanksgiving together!!!
I made two pies and completely forgot to take pictures
Carmel apple pie and a chocolate pecan pie.
I was a a little nervous but apparently they were a hit cause while there were tons of other desserts mine were demolished :)
We also made these adorable cookies for my 4 nephews in honor of turkey day

Later on Wednesday Night after all the baking was done I went to dinner with my friends from high school. We forgot to take pictures but here is a picture of us all at my wedding :)

Thursday we ate ...a lot and then napped cause black friday was coming o so fast
but unfortunately I got sick and we only shopped 3 stores before we had to go home.
(if you know me personally you would know I was bummed at my epic fail since I look forward to this all year!)

Later Friday it was Andrew's 26th Birthday.
He loaded up good stuff like

Then his best gift. Dinner with me an a new Fossil Watch

We went to McCormick's and Schmicks and it was delicious as always.
Andrew had never been and he enjoyed it.
We even got personalized menus that had his name and birthday on it
here is what we got to eat
Andrews plate: Crab stuffed Salmon with Mashed Potatoes and Grilled Veggies

My Plate: Grilled Mahi Mahi with a Crab and Potato Hash with corn bisque on the bottom

Finally Saturday and Sunday came and it was time to go home. We got in some more family time like a Birthday Dinner with Andrews family Saturday and then breakfast with my family Sunday before we had to head off.

We are counting down the days till we get to head back for Christmas ( 17 working days!!)

But until then we are excited to be back in our own home and if you can tell by the way Bently looked once we got home... we are worn out :)

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