Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Puppy Graduation

Well over the past few months we have been taking our new baby Cooper to puppy training class
and as of last night he officially graduated :)
I am so proud of my little pup!
He has learned so much and has improved 100%.
Here is a picture of Cooper with Andrew and I
(don't judge our apperance...)

I can't wait till January when we start our intermediate class and this time Bently will get to join along as well :)


  1. How cute! What all did they teach? Maybe I should think about these for our new pup!

  2. It was awesome and I def suggest it.
    They learn everything for sit, stay, wait, lay
    to loose lease walk and to sit for greetings.
    It was worth it cause cooper was much harder to train than our first dog!