Saturday, November 19, 2011

Raleigh Christmas Parade

So today Andrew and I went with our friends James and Marianne to the Raleigh Christmas Parade
We didn't know this but Raleigh's Christmas Parade is the largest parade south of D.C
How cool :)
The parade was amazing but it was also two hours long
Its not the longest parade in the US but Andrew decided he wouldn't never venture to that one cause two hours was long enough!

Here are some of the pictures we took

Start of the parade

Andrew and I

Starwars characters made an appearance

First big float of the day

Grand Marshall 
Scotty McCreery

Can't be a parade without some beauty queens :)

Big balloon for the cast of the nutcracker

James and Marianne.. smiling because the sun finally made it over to our spot!

Ending the parade with Santa and his reindeer :)

Now we are at home watching NC State Vs. Clemson
Its are homecoming game and we are winning 37-6
Lets home this continues as we finish the last quarter!!
Go Pack

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  1. We went to the parade too! We were on the opposite side of the street near ABC 11, how funny! We later moved up to the State House and watched the Nutcracker balloon get stuck in the trees - they had to rip one of the lines! And YAY GO PACK!