Friday, January 3, 2014

Why Young Marriage is Amazing

Hi blogging world. I am back.
Who knows for how long but the husband is knee deep in dissertation writing and I need something so I don't distract him and I have missed this blog.

So I think I should stop reading things on the Internet. It really breaks my heart and my spirit about humanity.

Lately this article has been going around the Internet
At first I thought nothing of it and then the next things I know everyone is sharing it with the words Amen, I feel you, Finally.. etc.
So I read it and then I wonder... did they really read it?

I was engaged at 21, married at 22 and now I am almost 25 and am reaching our 3rd year of marriage!
Is this path for everyone, absolutely not.
But neither is any other path I have taken in my life.

Yes I know more marriages fail than survive but do you know why.
Not because they are young, 
Not because they are old
Because they are selfish.
Because they don't understand what it means to truly compromise.

Just like the girl writing the article who has know idea what a blessing marriage is.

So let me tell you why her 23 things are more amazing when your married.
(Ps. I saw someone already do this so I am not taking credit but I can't find the post so I can't link it)

1. Get a passport, go on a honeymoon. Travel the world, travel the US, travel your state. There are so many things to do you can't do it all before you get married.Two bank accounts are better than one allowing you to save more and travel more! 

2. Find your thing? Getting married doesn't mean you loose yourself. It means finding someone who appreciates your interests even if it doesn't interest them. Then they support you 100% even when you want to quit!

3. Instead of making out with a stranger make out with someone you love and are crazy about. And what makes it better is knowing they are just as crazy about you.

4. Adopt a pet.. we have 2. What makes it better is it that when they wake you up 2 am while you are house training it will remind you may not be ready for children! And if you are ready for children, more power to you!

5.  Band.. no thanks, thats not my thing. I say learn to cook, sew, or better yet learn something together!

6. If you haven't made a cake by the time your 23, I'm sorry. Come to my house and live for a few weeks. We make far to many and I feel like you are missing out on way more things in life than cake.

7. That tattoo you get, when you are old an wrinkly tell me how great you think it looks. And that marriage it will still be there too if you work at it. It will actually bring you joy.

8. Instead of exploring a new religion, understand what religion is. A deep commitment of faith and once you have found it you will never leave it. And then find a man who love Jesus and loves you for loving Jesus and watch the blessings flow.

9. Start a business. Guess what I am doing it and it is hard and frustrating. Lets go back to number 2 where if this is your thing, then you have a free worker and unconditional support.

10. Cut your hair. Trust me after you get married you'll want to do it too. Trust mean, you will have only been growing out for a year!

11. Please this one is dumb. Date two people? This is what is wrong with society. Let's try date your spouse. Date them everyday for the rest of your life and watch your relationship grow.

12. I'm not a builder so I am going to relate this to building a meal. Build a meal and enjoy it with your family. Your spouse will be grateful.

13. And with that meal you are making in # 12. Go ahead and get it from pinterest. You know you have millions on there you haven't tried!

14.  Join the Peace Corps, go on a mission trip, or better year serve and love your community. Find unreached and under served people that you and your spouse are passionate about and love on your community.

15. Disappoint your parents? If you are 23 and haven't done that you are lying and we have bigger issues.

16. IDk what Girls is so I don't know what to relate it to but what I prefer and need on occasions is while the husband is out with the guys, gather your girls, wine and a nice chick flick and call it a Friday night. You need it, he needs it and the fact you both understand that is great!

17. Nutella, wine whats the difference! I prefer wine and what I described in 16

18. Make people feel uncomfortable. That's just rude. Try meeting people and growing friendships. You never know when you'll meet someone and wonder why you didn't meet them years earlier!

19. I'm sorry I'm not on the Crossfit bandwagon but I am all for Hot Yoga. Who better than yourself to stay fit an healthy for than your husband.

20. I would prefer to not hang out in the window naked. I have more respect in my body and who sees it.

21. Write your feelings in a blog. Hey I started this because I got married, took a break and now I am at it again. Its a creative outlet at any stage.

22. Yes I think I established that she is selfish and why she isn't ready for marriage. Selflessness is trait this world needs to learn more of at all stages in life. 

23. Celebrate New years with your spouse and make plans and goals for the rest of your life! I love a good checklist :)

So girl who wrote that article. 
Yes its fine that you don't want to get engaged before 23.
Maybe your not ready
Maybe you haven't found your person
Maybe your don't understand what marriage is about.
And guess what, that's okay.
But don't talk about it like its the worst thing because one day you'll do it and wish you would have meet that person sooner so you could experience all those previous years together because life after marriage is amazing :)


  1. I could not agree with you more! I was engaged at 21 and married and 22 and now, at the age of 28 have been divorced for a year. I don't believe it was because we were too young or anything like that, but because we were both very selfish and immature. We didn't know what a true marriage was. I know plenty of marriages that have begun at a young age and have lasted for as long as 33 years (my parents) and still going strong! I am so happy for you and your husband and pray for a long and happy marriage! I hope that one day I can find a marriage as loving as yours!

  2. I could not agree more! I was engaged at 19, married at 20 and at 22 I am expecting my first child. I get crap all the time from "single" people saying I am too young, wasting my life and just don't get it. And I simply respond with just because you aren't at this place in your life doesn't mean I am not. I think articles like this are defense mechanisms personally.

  3. So glad someone else shares my thoughts on this, I was married at 22 and most of the things that blogger mentioned are things you can do WITH your husband, you don't have to be single to do them! I read another article ( that really dives into the message of that post.

  4. Love this post!!

    xoxo Miss ALK

  5. I've missed you! And yes a thousand times yes!

  6. Awww I LOVE this post!!! And I totally agree with you! God has a different path planned for each person.. and that includes at what age they get married!

  7. Yes, yes and yes. I absolutely hated that article when I read it. I'm 22 and getting married in October. My mother was 21 and my parents have been together for almost 26 years. Marriage has nothing to do with age and everything to do with maturity and selflessness! And I look forward to doing so many of these things with my fiancé/husband!

  8. Yes, yes and yes. I absolutely hated that article when I read it. I'm 22 and getting married in October. My mother was 21 and my parents have been together for almost 26 years. Marriage has nothing to do with age and everything to do with maturity and selflessness! And I look forward to doing so many of these things with my fiancé/husband!