Monday, August 26, 2013

My hot date... and a secret!!

Well my friends its Monday and I finished another first day of school!
(My 20th to be exact!)

Well this weekend we did some celebrating! The mister took me out to celebrate the starting of a new school year!
My date night outfit and my hot date on the ride to the Melting Pot!!

Our Cheese and Entree Pot! The cheese is my favorite part! We did a pesto cheese and it was amazing!!

For our meat I tried duck for the first time and it was pretty good!

This guy= man crush :)

Dessert Drinks and our wonderful flamming chocolate turtle fondue!

I ate enough for about 4 people, Andrew probably enough for 6. But those calories were so worth it.

Oh yea about that SECRET!!! We were celebrating that to.. but I am not sharing till the Tuesday after labor day!

Any guesses as to what my secret is?


  1. baby!?!? (only because that's what everyone says to me when I say I have a secret!) or new house!?! those are my two guesses!

    hope today went well at school!

  2. Eeeeeeeek is there a little Tucker!!?? Other than that I have no idea!!! Can't wait to hear!

  3. I'm kinda thinkin' bambino too! Can't wait to hear! :)

  4. hmmmmmm that's too long to wait to know the scret!!

  5. Ahhhh totally not fair to tempt with that secret for so long! I think I may have an idea... ;)

  6. My guess is no babe! But...a new residence?!

  7. YUM! Our across the street neighbor is a manager at the Melting Pot and i've wanted to try for ages! I can't wait to hear the secret!!! My guess is a house!!!!!!