Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Surviving sickness...

Growing up being sick was easy.
You skip school, mom or dad stay home with you and nurse you back to health.

Then you get married and move into your own house and being sick isn't that easy.
Whose going to take care of you?
Who is going to cover for you at work? Sub Plans are the worst and when you have to leave 2 hours into work because your throwing up doesn't not make it easy for your school.
Maybe I should embrace the Sheldon Cooper Model.

I hate being sick. I am the worst sick person, I am whiny and needy. I wish I could be one of those people who came home and slept but no that's just not me, I want constant attention. I get it from my dad, hes the same way.

Luckily my mom taught me the best remedy for when you are sick
Its called the BRAT Diet.
And luckily it works wonders. It was originally for kids when they had upset stomachs but what is the flu but days of upset stomachs.
So basically its a list of food to eat that will help you get better and will stay down after you eat it!

So that has been my diet for the last two days.
What do you do when your sick?


  1. It sucks having to take care of yourself! From Instagram, it at least looks like you had some good cuddle bugs to help you feel better! Get well soon!

  2. That poster made me chuckle! For one I love cats and two I love Big Bang Theory. HAHAHAHA Oh Sheldon. ;)

  3. "brat" ha! Love it but true! Looove your new picture!! Such a good picture of you!!

  4. ugh I hate being sick as an adult. hope you're feeling better soon!

  5. Soft Kitty! Hahah love Big Bang Theory!