Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What you don't know Wednesday!

I saw this last week on Christin's blog and I figured since I have some new followers I would give it a try!

1. I am the oldest at 24 but I also have an 18 year old sister named Cassandra and a 7 month old baby sister named Ava!

2. I have suffered from depression( You can read about it here). I had to take a semester off during college to get control of my life. But I have grown so much and hope to help other girls one day.

3. I am deathly terrified of being pregnant but I want to be a mom so bad. When the time is right of course.

4. I have the most sensitive skin. I get cysts on my face and I will have them for a month. Nothing can make them go away and I have to use special face wash on my face and back to help prevent them but it isn't 100% effective.

5.I love being a teacher, however I always wonder what else I could have done. People think teaching is so easy and sometimes make me feel like my job isn't as important or as hard as theirs.

6. I am such a morning person. By 9pm even on weekends I am a zombie.

7. I am a health freak. My parents made me eat super healthy growing up because my dad has a kidney disease and I appreciate it so much. My husband and I eat gluten and preservative free. I can tell my body loves it and that is all that matters.

8. I bite my nails and pick my cuticles. To prevent it I have to keep my nails done at all times. I got the DIY Gel Manicure Set and it has been a lifesaver!

9. I love to sing, its my favorite way to worship the Lord. 

10. I am a theatre junkie. If my life could be a musical I would be so happy.

I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me. If you do this please let me know. I would love to read it!

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  1. so fun to learn some new random things about you! haha, i am a major nail/cuticle abuser to break the habit?!

    such a sweet honest post!

  2. I just read your depression post and understood it so much. An event (long time bf dumped me and I found out he had a lot of BIG secrets) set me off. I had a job w/ insurance, but didn't have $ to pay for a doctors visit as funds were very tight for me at this (awful) job, so I never got help, but I think in retrospect I needed to. Medication probably would have really helped. I cried everyday for probably four months and would even cry at work sometimes. I woudln't leave the house at all on weekends. After about six or seven months I finally turned a corner. It was just a really bad breakup, but it made me a lot stronger of a person, so I guess it wasn't all bad although it was very hard to go through.

  3. How adorable are you!? A 7 month old little sister?! Thats amazing!!!! I am terrified of being pregnant as well but want nothing more than to be a mother. At my age (28) when everyone around me seems to be preggo and having kids, some of them on their #2, Im all like hey... I love my dog! ;) I know when God says it's time my feelings will change! I pick my cuticles to death, esp. cause I work with LOTS of paper and they are always dry! My thumb is on fire as I type for picking it to death last night! :) Happy Wednesday!!! xoxo!

  4. I love this! And oh my gosh, you have a seven month old sister?! Being pregnant is amazing, you'll understand when it happens but it is very scary. I love that you're a morning person because I am the complete opposite, well I'm not a night person either but still.

  5. A 7 month old sister?! That's one large age gap!

  6. I am a teacher as well and it really irks me when people act like its an "easy" or "unimportant" job! They have no idea...

    Thanks for sharing. I love how honest and real this post is.