Monday, March 25, 2013

Summer Feet

This weather has me in a rut!
One day its 70 and now for the next two weeks we aren't going to get about 60.
It sure doesn't look like to me that the first day of Spring happened last week!

Well while I am itching for warmer weather my feet are praying for air!
Here are a few of my favorite summer wedges!

I live in wedges and Jacks during the summer time!
Can't wait get a pedicure and purchase a new pair for the summer!

What are some wedges you are swooning over?
 To get the link to these wedges check out my polyvore board here


  1. I keep thinking that if I leave pics of the Tory Burch wedges around the house or up on my laptop screen that my hubby might get the hint!

  2. Oh I'm loving the bottom black ones! Too cute!

  3. SO I wore (my best friend's) wedges the first time during the cruise. Sad, but true. I loved them & want to buy some now!!

  4. Since I am fun sized, wedges are my bestfriends in the summer! I practically live in them :)

  5. &

    Especially the turquoise. Trying to tell myself no but I want them so bad!

  6. Ohh I love the top left pair...I just cleaned out my closet today, and one thing missing is a cute pair of wedges for the spring!