Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekends.. Where do they go??

Weekends, really where do you disappear too?
The weekdays drag on and the weekends just fly by.
I am over it, My goal for 2018 is to become President and make 3 day weekends mandatory!

Anyways over my rant, Here is what a weekend with the Tuckers looks like

I had to go take care of some stuff at school for track in but then I spent the afternoon with my friend Dakota. We got lunch and then went to an amazing little Candy shop that had ridiculous amazing truffles. When I got home Andrew had finally finished his Written Preliminary Exam and it was out to go celebrate his accomplishment with our friends. So proud that he is now officially a PhD Candidate!

I spent the day with my friend Marianne. We went shopping and got pedicures while our husbands played video games. Gah they are children in adult bodies! However before I left him I made some amazing gluten free banana pancakes! Check out our link up tomorrow for tasty Tuesday for the recipe!
Andrew and I went to church and small group but besides that we really just lounged around the house.  However I did try a very popular pinterest recipe for Philly Cheese steak Stuffed Bell Pepper and they were so good. Definitely a hit and perfect for our new gluten free diet. I also made some amazing mini egg quiches that I can eat for breakfast all week. 

With Monday over I am pooped. I went back to work after 3 weeks off and my kids were in rare form. They are officially acting like 7th graders. I love them but they are going to ware me out quick with this new energy. Here's to Friday, you can't come soon enough!


  1. yum! can't wait to see that gluten free banana pancake recipe!

  2. The stuffed peppers look awesome! I might be able to get my husband to eat those... !

  3. I'd vote for you for president if you run on that 3 day weekend platform! :)