Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Why you should help your mister pick out your bling!

I saw this post over on Emily's blog I began to think about our engagement process.

When the time came around I knew it was coming.
Andrew and I had been dating 4 years.
It was a senior in college.
We had talked about it.
We went ring shopping.

So if it didn't come Andrew was a major tease.

So here is the big question, to let your mister go alone or to go with him when he ring shops?

My vote: GO WITH HIM!
This is a ring you are going to wear the rest of your life.

I know some of you are going a little nuts right now but here me out.

Andrew and I had the conversation that once I got my ring it was the only one I was getting.
No upgrade, no new settings. 
I wanted to remember this ring and have it as he gave it to me for the rest of my life.

So Andrew wanted me to try on the different types of cuts to see which ones I liked best.
I was down with going into the jewelry store to try on diamonds so I didn't need much convincing.

Although once we got their our consultant convinced us to do a little more.
To pick out three sets that we both loved and then Andrew could pick the one he liked best.
At first we weren't sure but then I tried on one set we both loved but as soon as I put it one we both hated it.
We instantly became sold on her idea.

In the end there was one ring that bought tears to my eyes. The other two I liked and if Andrew wanted one of those I would have still felt so lucky to be his wife.
I promise its not yellow like the picture looks
boo flash

But he picked the one I loved and everyday I stare at it and think about how he saved when he was a broke grad student to buy me ring and make me his wife.
Here is a picture of our rings at our wedding

You may think that going with your guy takes away from the engagement process.
It doesn't!
There were more couples than single guys picking out rings when we went.
We are so happy in our decision.
Ring shopping created a bond. 
A commitment before the engagement and marriage that was unspoken.
And trust me I was still super emotional when he actually proposed!

So what about you?
Did he go alone or did you come along?
To check our our engagement story read my post here


  1. I agree with you... my BF doesnt. I was told in NO UNCERTAIN terms that I would know NOTHING (to stick to his word his engagement window IS A YEAR!!!!)
    I appreciate that he wants it to be a surprise (blah,blah blah) butttt stillllll again I agree with you. So I sent in the big guns... the besties!

  2. I'm on the fence about this. With Trey, we already had the stone for my ring, and I went with him to pick out the setting. Really, he didn't do any picking at all. Next time, I do want to be surprised - I want it to be something my husband picked. But I still want to LOVE it! I like what y'all did - where you left him with a few choices!

  3. I think it depends on the situation. My husband has always "got" my style and always bought me jewelry I genuinely like and would pick out myself. When it came time to think about rings and getting married all I told him was that I didn't want a solitaire...something with sidestones. He did the rest and I was glad to be a little surprised.

    That being said, you gotta know your man! A lot of men might pick out something just....wrong! :)

  4. I couldn't agree more! My husband was originally SO against shopping together, but when I finally convinced him, he was so glad we went together because he would have had no idea what I wanted. I ended up getting the exact ring I picked out and I still to this day look down and am so glad it's mine. It's perfect!

  5. I used to work jewelry retail and I couldn't tell you the number of times a guy would come in to look for an engagement ring and have no clue what shape diamond his girlfriend preferred. I always suggested that you should discuss diamond shape and let the girl try on a couple different types of settings. Then leave it up to the man to decide on the size/quality of stone since that's really where his budget comes into play. That is what my husband did when we got engaged and I just love my ring. My setting is exactly what I wanted and I would've been happy with a smaller stone but I would have been disappointed in a different shape.

  6. I didnt go with him but I did pick it out of a the jewelry store bridal catalog! I circled it and handed it to him and said I love this ring... and wouldnt mind it or something that looks like it whenever you decide you are going to propose! When he knew it was time... he kept the catalog, went to the jeweler and requested that exact ring I had circled! I am just as in love with it now as the day I circled in on that magazine page!

  7. My boyfriend suggested that we go together. He is not great at picking out jewelry and he is very aware of this, so he wanted to make sure he got something that he knew I would love. I highly suggest it!

  8. I agree! I grew up thinking I wanted it to be a complete surprise. However, there are so many options out there, Joey would have been so overwhelmed without some guidance! We did the same - selected a few settings and he picked the final one. You definitely need to be happy with it!!

  9. I would go in and try on rings and then a the jewelry store would write down what I liked for Aaron when he came in. I think that would have worked well, but in the end he got so nervous so he gave me diamond solitaire and we later placed it in a setting that the two of chose together. That worked out well too and I was totally surprised!

  10. I'm single as can be and jumping the gun for sure but I vote go with him! I know I can be super picky at times and want to make sure the ring I will be wearing everyday is perfect!

  11. I don't think it takes away from it at all. My friend's BF (at the time) dropped hints of asking for her hand. One day they stopped by a pawn shop looking for tools and she just so happened to see a ring in the case she loved. He asked the clerk to let her try it on, and it made them both happy. He went back and bought it later on, but waited to propose. I think a month passed before he did. He just waited for that right moment!

  12. I went with and I'm sooo glad I did!! I tried on so many rings like probably hundreds and finally I picked out 3 for him to choose from. I think that is the best way to go because really you're the one that has to wear it every day. He did pick out the actual diamond though, I helped with choosing the setting and we had the band designed together. Great post. Your newest follower :)