Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Calling all Southern Bloggers + a favor

Love to Blog?
Love that your Southern
( a little thing us southerners know everyone wishes they could be )

Check out

The Southern Blog Society (SBS) aims to "be a resource for lifestyle bloggers in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. The SBS aspires to create a community that transcends state lines and gives food, fashion, and other miscellaneous lifestyle bloggers the tools necessary to succeed in the blogosphere today." 

I was so excited when Cathy and Jessica contacted me to be one of the founding contributors to the blog! I have browsed all the blogs of the girls who took part in the initial phase and they are amazing!!

To get in on the exclusive sales, discounts, and resources only available to members all you have to do is pay a $10 membership fee. So go over and check it out. What a great way to find other southern bloggers!!!

So here is my favor! My grandmother from Cali decided to randomly fly in so I will be making an impromptu trip to Charlotte. Any of you want to guest post for me??? 


  1. This will be a great adventure for you! You left Oklahoma out of the southern bloggers group! (A lot of people do. I just noticed.)

    Good luck on your journey.

  2. Oh yay!!! I need to look into this.

    I'm always open to guest post :-) Just let me know, girlie!

  3. I would love to guest post! I promise to say something magical and nice so as not to scare off your readers. Ha! :) Enjoy your time with Grandma!

  4. I'm a Texas girl and we aren't on there :(

  5. found you via SBS! Fellow NC blogger here! :) I live in Charlotte - I love it here, it is the perfect city!! Let me know if you need any charlotte recs! Enjoy your time with your grandmother!
    - Pam

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