Friday, January 11, 2013

Delightfully Dunn :)

So unexpectedly my grandmother decided to fly in from Caifornia for a week. LIke it was Monday and she called to tell us she would be here in less than 24 hours. So I took a day off work to spend time with her since I haven't seen her since I got married! Yup almost 2 years!
So I have some awesome guest posters lined up for you and today its Marianna from Delightfully Dunn!

Hey y'all!

I'm Marianna! I blog over at Delightfully Dunn
Brianna was kind enough to share her little piece of blogland with me
while she's hanging out in Charlotte with her grandmother
(who I can only assume is as cute as Brianna).
And because she was so nice to share,
I promise I'll try not to bore you too much!

Brianna and I actually have a pretty neat story together.
You see, we know each other in real life and in blog life,
which I think is always pretty cool.

We also kind of have a lot in common.
For one, we're both newly(ish)weds
and consider ourselves to be "southern wives"
(although I am 125% sure Brianna pulls this off way better than me).

We're also both mildly obsessed with our puppies.

And we both became teachers after graduating from only the best school ever.

While both of our blogs chronicle the adventures of our lives,
I'm pretty sure Brianna's are a little more adventurous. 
For one, the amazing recipes (that girl can cook forreal) you find on her blog
can't be found on mine.
And I don't have a super cute brand new baby sister
sooooo there won't be any pictures like this:

But remember that husband I mentioned up there?
Yep, he's on the blog. Along with THE secret to a successful marriage.</ div>
The puppies make an almost daily appearance as well.
Along with some other pretty fascinating, random tidbits of my life.
And that time I compared my step brother to Justin Beiber 
(pre-pot smoking days of course).

So anyway, long story short,
you should definitely stop by and say hi!
And you should definitely try all of Brianna's recipes. 
That corn chowder. Nom.


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