Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Furniture Dreaming

So I have dreaming lately of what furniture I want for our master bedroom.
Hopefully soon this will become a dream come true cause I am holding out for it cause its perfect
(umm hello tax return)

Here is the bedding we currently have on our bed
Source: wayfair.com via Brianna on Pinterest

I love it so much, it softens and opens up our room so much!

So here is my inspiration

Claudia Bed in the antique pewter-- Pottery Barn

Stratton End Table-- Pottery Barn

Stratton Extra Long Dresser-- Pottery Barn

Minus the Lamps.. Add tall pillar candles

Hmmm.. does pottery barn have a credit card????
Click here to see the rest of my design board for our room :)


  1. I love that these are all understated and airy ... clean and fresh and simple!
    Have fun redecorating! :)

  2. Pretty. :)


  3. Man oh man I don't think there is anything from Potteru Barn that I don't like! I'm loving every bit of this!

  4. Ahhh! I love it all! I visit PB and Crate & Barrel online all of the time to pick out items for my imaginary new house! Hurry up tax return!