Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What I want out of 2013

2012 was a wonderful year. I am always very optimistic about New Years because they can't be any worse than the year before. You learn from the mistakes you make and grow from the accomplishments you have received.

 In sight of that I have been thinking alot about 2013 and what I want to see out of our life in the next year. So here are my goals for the new year. (I don't like the term resolution because to mean that seems like your are completely changing yourself where as goals are help you better who you already are)

1. Continue to grow in my faith and relationship with the Lord.
Through the past year  I have found a home Church in the Summit. We have joined a small group and went all in the for the mission. I hope to continue growing by finding somewhere to plug in volunteering and will be starting the process of reading the Bible in a year.

2. Saving
When I started my new job I ended up with 2 months of no pay. The Lord helped us through it cause without Him and a supportive family it would have been very tough on us. Through this next year I plan to build back up our savings accounts. We have big plans and they can't happen without fundage :)

3. Be a better wife, daughter and friend
I try my hardest everyday to be the best I can be to those in my life but we are all human so you know how that goes. We made a pact last year to spend more time without individual technology. It has done amazing things for our relationship. This year we want to make it happen more often.

4. Healthy Lifestyle
Over the last year we began cutting alot out of our diets and I can tell such a difference. This year we are cutting out all pre-made foods. So no more canned items, frozen meals etc.  Also we are going to try and eat out only once per week and in return continue to try more new recipes. I love to cook so this one is fine by me! We have also started running together. Andrew and I usually do our own workouts so this is nice to spend this extra time together.

So what about you? What goals are you putting in place for the new year?


  1. Great goals!

    2013 is going to be a great year!

  2. My Andrew and I were talking too about doing a better job of meal planning, and getting what we need for the week on Monday, and making healthy foods more convenient for us {ie, cutting up salad toppings to eat off of for a few days to make it easy to choose a healthy salad instead of junk}. We also try to make fresh soups, chilis and freeze them for a convenient way to eat something healthy that we made at home.
    Good luck to y'all in the new year!

  3. All these are wonderful! I will definitely let you know if I end up in the Raleigh area... I could use some help with #1 as well! :)

  4. Love these goals! I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog again...I've missed it! For some reason, even though I'm following you, your new posts don't show up in my blog feed :/ so weird! I tried to re-follow, so maybe they will now! Happy New Year!

  5. Amazing post...I am eagerly waiting for your new post dear...
    Burun Esteti─či