Sunday, January 13, 2013

Shug in Boots

Well today's my last day with grandma and I have had a blast. I will recap more on my weekend tomorrow. But today I have Beth from Shug in Boots for you today. I love her blog and I know you will too!!

Well, hell-O there, sugarpies!!
Beth here, over from Shug in Boots.


Seems Ms. Brianna has had an unexpected visit from Grandma and she is off to get her quality time on!

Did y'all know that Ms. Brianna and I have a handful of things in common?:
* there's the husband-named-Andrew thing
* there's the experience-teaching-elementary-school thing
* there's the Wolpack-for-life thing 
* and of course, there's the from-Charlotte-moved-to-Raleigh//from-Raleigh-moved-to-Charlotte thing we got goin'


Now that I'm not a total stranger,
raise your hand if you've read a post {or scrolled past any posts} about resolutions for 2013?
a few of y'all?

This ain't one of those posts.
I'm gonna get crazy with y'all today and instead of things I'm tryin' to do/figure out, I'm gonna tell y'all 13 things that I have already figured out.
I'll be 30 in July, so let's be glad I've learned at least 13 things in my time here on the planet, am I right?

Listen to your gut. That yucky feelin' is tryin' to tell you somethin'. If you think he's just not into you, it's probably because he's not, shug. Are you really doin' that because it's what you want, or are you doin' it to make somebody else happy? 

In marriage: put your spouse first. Like, before your mama 'nem & before your BFF. Trust me. Leave the nest. Your marriage will be so much better for it.

No matter the situation, it is much more bearable when you have plenty of sleep, enough exercise, and a clean house.

Turns out, God does answer all prayers. It's just that sometimes, it takes a little longer than we want, and He often throws in a few extra lessons if we pay real close attention.

You are the only person in charge of your happiness - not your spouse, not your coworkers, not your parents. If you aren't happy, gather the courage to make a change. Ain't nobody else gonna do it for you.

The grass is never greener. Maybe they have a few things goin' well for them in their lives while yours is lookin' a hot mess, but I promise you, everybody's got somethin' they're dealin' with. Everybody.

The key to happiness is to find something positive in every situation. 

Speak your piece. Then, move on. Don't hold on to somethin' that makes you bitter and nasty. There will always be a critic. It is impossible to please everybody. Might as well do what sits right with your soul.

Marrying someone is one decision in which you should have zero hesitation. It should absolutely feel like you are doing 'the right thing'.

God only made ONE you, and He didn't screw up. Stop wastin' your time and everybody else's by tryin' to be anything other than YOU.

Take care of your health startin' yesterday. It is much easier to maintain it than it is to get it back after you lose it.

There is always somebody somewhere with a struggle bigger than yours who would love to trade places. Be grateful, and give thanks.

If you want a delicious, ice cold, canned Diet Mt. Dew, then have a delicious, ice cold, canned Diet Mt. Dew. Just drink plenty of water along with it. ;)

Hope y'all have a magical day!!


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