Thursday, November 1, 2012

Blogger date :)

So this recap is way past due but I have been all over the place lately and I feel as the kids are giving me their germs... grossss

Last week I met up with Tamara! I don't remember how I found Tamara's blog but I am so glad I did cause I feel like I know her! 
(haha so funny but when we met up we both were like umm so we have never meet but I feel like I know everything about you... probably creepy sounding to nonbloggers!)

We met at Raleigh's Cameron Village and enjoyed some wine, flat breads and girl talk at Cafe Caturra!
So perfect for a girls night out!

I have never been on a blogger date before but it was so much fun! One of my favorite things about blogging is following other Raleigh bloggers!

Tamara talked about everything from jobs, to family and even some pretty deep issues! It was so great to share our experiences with each other.

However all the chatting lead us to not taking many pictures!

After dinner we walked to another one of my favorite spots! Even though it was made famous in Chapel Hill I am so glad they brought one to Raleigh so I don't have to make the trip out there for their famous Gelato ( it was on the food network yall!)

I got Mexican Chocolate and Coconut ( mine is pictured below) and Tamara got Key Lime

Overall while our date was long over due ( thanks life) we had such a great time! Glad we are in real life friends so I don't have to say my blog friend Tamara when I talk about her! People who don't understand blogging will think I am less weird now haha!


  1. How fun! I always wish that I lived closer to my fav bloggers so that we could meet up. You read about these ladies all of the time and often think "we would totally be friends in real life" :)

  2. Love it. My husband laughs at me for calling people my "blog friends".

  3. I am so glad that you two were finally able to get together!! :)

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  5. fun! Its funny how even living in los angeles, I hardly follow any blogs from LA. Maybe Im not looking hard enough.

  6. wow this is great i cant wait to link up with someone and meet...glad you got to experience it :)

    I am now following your blog :)
    check mine out