Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Married Holidays...

Part of being married is spending the rest of your life with your best friends

The second part of marriage is spending half of your time with your spouses family

Hello Holidays....

While most couples have to split time with family every other year our parents live a whooping 3 minutes apart. 
Now while some of you say lucky you it is both a blessing and a curse.
The blessing: we are both fortunate enough to see both of our families on every holiday
The curse: We never have any down time so its never a vacation for us
** We have started joking we are just going to not go home one year**

So here is how our holidays go


Luckily our families celebrate Thanksgiving together. All of Andrews family (18 people) plus my family of 5 all go to Andrew's parents house to and enjoy Thanksgiving Lunch together.

Then we go home take our naps and get up bright and early for some black friday shopping!

(Now here is where it gets tricky)
Christmas Eve: 
We spend dinner time ( my family and Andrews) at his oldest sisters house. Then we go to the movies with my parents come home and open our Christmas Eve gift ( which is always PJ's) and wait for Santa

Christmas Day: 
We wake up eat breakfast at my parents house then open gifts and then get ready for the day.

We head to Andrew's middle sisters to eat Christmas Lunch and exchange gifts with his family

Then we head back to my parents for Christmas dinner and finally to pass out from our food coma.

We have decided through after we have kids we will stay put at our house for Christmas so our children can wake up in their own house. This will be a change since we live 3 hours away!

So how have you split your holidays with your spouse or significant other? Will you change when you have kids?


  1. We always go to my family's house in the country then go his family house. They stay about 30 minutes but they would never agree to have thanksgiving together. My family are country christians and his family party til the sun come up. lol!

  2. You guys manage your time so well! It's great that your family's can share Thanksgiving together. This is the first year where we will really be torn and it's stressing me out! We've always been fortunate enough on Thanksgiving to have our meal at Tyler's around 1 and then head to my family's by 4 or 5. This year, my family's is at 12 and his is at 1 :( Did I mention I hate it?! We're doing it like this because my brother is working Black Friday hours starting Thanksgiving night and needs to get back to Lexington. We're thinking we'll head to my parents first, split for an hour or two and I'll meet back at his family's after some visiting with my fam.
    Have a happy thanksgiving!!

  3. Being married absolutely makes the holidays more difficult. Things aren't EASY anymore, you know? I used to just KNOW what to expect for the holidays, and's different every year. For Thanksgiving this year, we kept to ourselves. We didn't visit EITHER side of the family! But that means we'll have to do both over Christmas.

  4. Brianna! Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hello and leave a comment! And I LOVE the quote at the top...marriage is such a wonderful sleep over with your best friend. I hope your thanksgiving was wonderful, and now merry christmas:) love Katie