Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Weekend Recap

This weekend was one for the books!
We did so much but yet had such a blast!

On Friday I came back to Raleigh after spend the last few days with Ava Gray in Charlotte.
She has gotten so big and when I was there she got two teeth!!

When Andrew got off work Friday we came home and ate some dinner and then wanted to go out for some dessert

We stopped by this little restaurant called Coffee and Crepes. Andrew and I got some coffees and ordered a Banana Nutella Crepe. It was so delicious!

Saturday came and we hosted our first Friendsgiving!
I am such a bad blogger and I took no pictures but here is a recap.
We had 14 friends over our apartment for dinner and dessert and we had a blast!

The only picture I have is the turkey before and after!

It was my first turkey and it wasn't half bad!

Sunday came and I was exhausted. We relaxed all day until we went to small group. I love that time that I get to spend with people who encourage me to talk and grow deeper into the word.

I also have extra exciting news! One of my best friends got engaged! I can't wait to celebrate with her this October!


  1. Aww the little one is so gorgeous! We missed you in Charlotte this weekend!

  2. I wanted to host a Friendsgiving this year...but never got around to it:( Maybe next year!! Love the idea! And excuse me...did you say Banana nutella crepes? WOW!

  3. congrats to your best friend getting engaged!
    and i know what it feels like to have a crazy weekend but it's good that you had your small group at the end of it! community is so important :)
    oh and i'm your newest follower! can't wait for more posts!

  4. that banana nutella crepe looks divine!