Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Andrew's Birthday Recap!

Sunday was Andrew's 27th Birthday! He wasn't as excited about it as I was. He is sad he is getting old. 

We had a party with Andrew's family on Saturday before we came back to Raleigh
Andrew and his nephew Conner had the exact same birthday so we celebrate together.

Andrew and all his nephews 
The one in the tie dye is the one he shares a bday with
From his family he got lots of cards, Xbox live subscription and the new Halo 4 game

 When we got back to Raleigh I gave Andrew his birthday presents from me
P.S. look how cute Bently looks with Andrew :)
I got Andrew some new clark boots and a red NC state gingham button up.
BTW both were the wrong size so we took one to the alterations and the other to exchange!

We went to dinner at Ginza Japanese Steak House and then came home for dessert
These cookies were all he wanted!

Overall it was a great birthday! Can't believe this is the 7th one we have spent together!