Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pretty Little Liars...Halloween Edition Questions!

So for all my other Pretty Little Liar Fans out there last night was very interesting...
If you haven't watched yet.. stop reading!

I have some questions:

1. Is Ezra part of A's team:
Yes, I said it. First Toby now Ezra. However I don't think he may be on A's team for the same reason I think Toby is on A's team. He was so wierd about not being able to go to end up there in the end?

2. Was Mona there? I feel like she could have been one of the masked people! She made that mask,and she was part of the last plot. There is no way she would miss out on something so big!

3. Who was the Queen of hearts?? Like the girls talked about in the show it was probably a man by the size of the nail but who? Ezra??

4. Alison and the body bag? Was it hers, it has to be! And how grossed out would you have been if you were drinking out of that ice chest all night!

5. CREEEEPPY Girl at Hanna's house??? What the heck? 

6.The hand at the end, I don't think that really happened. I think they just added that for the Halloween Episode??

So do any of you have any thoughts??
I am sad to have to wait till January for my answers. Why can't we have a Thanksgiving and Christmas Episode!!!


  1. I think Ezra has been on the A team since the beginning. I don't think he met Aria by accident, I think it was all planned out.
    I think Mona was out of the institution, whether she was at the party or had something to do with the person in the ground at the end, I don't know.
    I think the Queen of hearts either was Ezra or someone else, like Aria's brother?
    I thought the body bag was gross, but knowing A, it may end up to be something else other than Allison, but her body bag.
    The girl at Hanna's house was so creppy! I wonder if she'll come back in the storyline in January?
    I am dying to know who the hand is, but I can't think of who else it would be!

    Sorry for my long comment!

  2. Ahh I have the same questions and can't wait until January! I'm so mad we have to wait that long, but oh well :) I just can't bring myself to think Ezra is on the A team. But then again, I was bummed to see that Toby was, even though it wasn't as surprising. I think the Caleb-costume-look-a-like was Mona and the Queen of Hearts was Lucas or Noel.

    The whole twist with Aria's dad is just weird. As for the creepy kid and the hand - I think those were dead storylines just thrown in there for Halloween.

    Aaaaand, time to back away from the TV shows :)

    xo Elisabeth