Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I am "All In"

We started a new series at church called "All In" and the main question our preacher JD asked was are we All In for Christ or are we just part of his Fan Club?

Today as a church we are practicing fasting. We are fasting till noon and using it as a time of prayer and reflection. I decided to join the challenge. I always participate in Lent during the Easter season but I have never fasted. Fasting is not a way to gain acceptance from God but as a way to reach closer to him during and remember our absolute dependence on Him.

During this time before Christmas I am seeking a closer faith with the Lord and longing for a Heart that seeks only him. I am looking for less pleasure in material things and gaining more pleasure and joy in Him.

I have decided to not purchase for myself any wants for the remainder of the year. Instead I will be focusing my attention on what I have and how grateful and blessed I am.

Jesus in my place.

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  1. what a great series!! our pastor was preaching this past week on being close but not completely in as well based on mark. it was a great sermon and it made me seriously reflect how much i consider myself in and what areas of my life i need to give more God control of