Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fair Fun

So today is the last day of the North Carolina State Fair so I found it extremely appropriate to recap out time spent there.
The fair is especially important for us and we go every year. Why you ask?
 Well Andrew and I started dating when I was a Junior in high school and he was a Sophomore in College and the very first time I visited him at NC State he took me to the NC State Fair.
So we have made sure we have gone every year since there to remember it!

My sister and her boyfriend Dylan came up to go with us and we had a wonderful time!

Starting out with a picture at the light house

My Deep fried Reese and Andrew's deep fried PB & J

Cassandra and Dylan

Apple Cider Freezie
Dried Tobacco Leaves.. appropriate in NC 

 Our Pictures with the Oscar Myer Car

The pumpkin awards

The cow and the 11 day old calf

Ending our night with some pig races :)

Enjoying our 7th year at the NC State Fair :)


  1. I wish I had pictures beside the Oscar Myer Weiner!!! I went to the fair as well and had a great time.