Thursday, October 11, 2012

Our Fall Line Up

So with Fall finally here our tv watching is in full force.
While most think couples should spend less time watching tv, we enjoy our time together, we bond cause its something we enjoy and look forward to that time cuddling and talking about our predictions

So here is a look at our TV on a weekly basis

We loved this show the first season, but now they are trying to steal some Dementors from Harry Potter. I will give it the rest of the season before we make our final decision. Hopefully it will turn around.

NCIS was the result of one snowed in weekend with netflix. We watched all the seasons available and then we were hooked!

New Girl: If you don't watch it you should. So funny! I love Zoe!

Glee: I love Glee and the concept but they are running out of ideas. I don't know how many seasons after this it will last!


Modern Family: What is not to love about this family! Gloria is preggo, Lilly is just as adorable and Clair cracks me up. This is one fam I would love to be a part of!

Psych: Another result of netflix. If you love any sort of law and order or criminal show, combine it with a comedy and you will get psych!


So this show is only 2 episodes in but its pretty good. It kind of reminds me of Lost!

The most awesome nerd show you will ever see. I love Sheldon! Bazinga!

So these are "our shows". I recommend them all. Do you have any shows you watch with your significant other ??


  1. We watch Once Upon a Time and BBT too! Love those shows!!! We also watch, How I met your mother, two broke girls, burn notice, community, whitney, the office... i think that's it? ;) too many

  2. We watch New Girl and Modern Family! Love those shows. For the fall, we also have...Dexter, Homeland, Downton Abbey, The Walking Dead, and Project Runway (and yes, my hubby totally watches that with me. I'm guessing it's mostly for Heidi Klum, but...whatever). And when nothing else is on, we throw on X-Files or Boston Legal. After a long day, cuddling in front of the TV is the perfect way to wind down!

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