Friday, October 12, 2012

My poor husband..

Pray for him...
No hes not ill but he may have a rough weekend because the Hart Sisters will be together in full force this weekend :)
( The Hart sisters aka my sister and I)

My sister and her boyfriend Dylan will be driving up today to spend a fun filled weekend with us.
Here are our plans: 
NC State Fair
NC State Mens Basketball Red and White Game
Bonding Time aka annoying the boys
Then Sunday.. home she goes!

So pray for Andrew and Cassandra's boyfriend Dylan as when we are together we are in full force. 
I apologize in advance for my lack of blogging till Sunday when I will give you a full recap  of the fun :)


  1. hey I'm a new follower :) this makes me wish I had a sister! you're so lucky! xx

  2. My husband FEARS when my sister and I get together for this same reason...we break out into singing and just generally annoy him! I hope you had a great weekend with her!