Monday, October 22, 2012

Unplanned Night on the town

If you would have asked me Friday morning what I was doing this weekend I would have said absolutely nothing.
But as you will see our weekend was very full and it was completely spur of the moment and yet we had the best time out with our friends.

On Friday our friends Bennett and Laura both texted us after long weeks at work to head out for dinner and drinks.
Andrew and I had already started dinner but met up after wards to enjoy some time relaxing after a long weekend with a beautiful view of the Raleigh skyline and great friends

Andrew and I

Laura and I

Downtown at Boylan Bridge.. beautiful view of Raleigh at night

Soft Pretzels with Beer Cheese

After Boylan Bridge we ventured a little farther downtown and went to a few of our favorite spots. We spent the majority of our night at Issac Hunters. Laura and Bennett decided to spend the majority of their night playing this game.

Laura was a nanny for a while in college so she dominated!
I played to but this time I won!

Ending out night we took a picture with the Raleigh Cows. Closest thing we get to our hometown of Union County in the big city of Raleigh!

How was your weekend?


  1. Issac Hunter's... I've never heard of that?! But if it has skeeball, it looks like my kind of place! And I'm totally up for getting together Wednesday after work. You name the place, since you know of all these fun places!

  2. Sometimes the unplanned nights end up being the most fun! Glad you guys had fun! And I have never heard of beer cheese before. :) Looks YUMMO! Such fun pictures!